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Orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain with real-time visibility and actionable workflows powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning
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Go beyond visibility to drive orchestration

IBM Sterling® Supply Chain Control Tower, powered by industry-leading AI, provides actionable real-time supply chain visibility. Orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain network, identify and understand the impact of external events with real-time insights to predict potential disruptions, and take actions based on recommendations to mitigate the effects. Control Tower uses real-time data that allows you to respond faster to changes, enable efficient collaboration and decision-making while driving supply chain operations automation.

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Features True end-to-end visibility

Remove data silos and inefficiencies to establish real-time visibility across your global supply chain.

Intelligent workflows

Detect, display, streamline and prioritize work tasks in real time. Benefit from AI-informed and data-driven decisions.

Smarter integration

Connect all your existing systems and services to resolve supply chain disruptions more quickly and gain a competitive edge.

Industry Applications Healthcare

Stock shortages and outages impact hospital operations and patient care. Our control tower visibility solution provides insights into supply and demand gaps for critical items at periodic automatic replenishment locations and hospital network level, forecasts burn and depletion rates by SKU and predicts consumable item usage.


Supply shortages and bottlenecks can lead to line outages, manufacturing delays, and lost revenue. Control Tower monitors parts by SKU and location to see which supply is at risk and helps stakeholders to act quickly to minimize impact.

Retail and distribution

Brand loyalty for companies with out-of-stock situations is declining. Control Tower monitors inventory levels at all locations in your network to improve supply chain management and help you transfer products quickly to prevent “holes” on shelves.

Healthcare overview
Elevate inventory management to overcome healthcare challenges

Healthcare systems, hospitals and service providers have never been more challenged to sustain the resources and service levels critical for protecting patients and healthcare workers. With a more resilient supply chain, you can reduce inventory loss by knowing exactly where vital supplies are across siloed systems in the network. Automation of repetitive inventory tasks results in higher productivity and retention of healthcare workers, enabling them to focus on what really matters—quality of patient care.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Control Tower, enabled with AI, provides the proactive insights, notifications and status updates you need to see on your inventory wherever it is. Implementing a visibility management system helps you predict disruptions by identifying and understanding the effects of demand and external events, and take actions based on recommendations to mitigate the impacts. This helps you respond faster to changes and deliver better patient care while helping to reduce costs.

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