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Build your own blockchain ecosystem with traceability software for better supply chain management
Graphic illustration representing Blockchain Transparent Supply with the IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite
An end-to-end traceability solution to optimize your supply chain

Sharing supply chain data is good for business. Sharing data on an enterprise blockchain platform adds greater functionality because you decide who can see it. With the IBM Sterling® Transparent Supply solution and management system, you can create immutability with a distributed and shared ledger to transact with your supply chain partners in a more trusted and efficient way. In a world where speed, accuracy and connectivity define optimal supply chains, blockchain is essential for product traceability and regulatory compliance across your business.

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Features Quality assurance

Certify raw materials and product origins to validate their provenance, demonstrate quality control and brand differentiators to consumers.

Improved forecasting

Improve product traceability throughout the supply chain in near real time. Optimize inventory control with automatic replenishment.

Reduced friction

Improve industry standards with the use of blockchain to reduce the costs of dispute resolutions, product recalls, compliance and documentation sharing.

Extensive automation

Shorten the timeframe to achieve automation through embedded intelligence and smart workflows.

Case studies Pietro Coricelli

By using IBM Sterling Supply Chain Intelligence Suite, Pietro Coricelli optimizes food quality, sustainable sourcing and supply chain transparency.

Farmer Connect

This blockchain project connects farmers and consumers to build shared value and transform the food industry through traceability.


With this blockchain-based platform, Sonoco can safeguard product quality and efficacy of lifesaving medications.

Industry Applications Manufacturing

Take on the challenges of complex manufacturing processes and global supply chains with blockchain traceability.


Streamline data capture to better meet demands for speed, convenience, accountability and more.


Fight counterfeiting, adhere to changing regulation and more with a robust traceability and provenance system.

Consumer goods

Satisfy modern consumers with software solutions for an improved carbon footprint.

Products in this suite IBM Sterling® Supply Chain Control Tower

Orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain with AI-powered visibility and actionable workflows.

IBM Food Trust®

Enhance visibility and accountability across the food supply chain with a collaborative network.

IBM® Trust Your Supplier

Better manage supplier information with supply chain risk management software.

IBM MRO Inventory Optimization

Uncover a clearer, more accurate view of your maintenance, repair and operations inventory.

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