What IBM Storwize V5000E can do for your business

IBM® Storwize® V5010E and IBM Storwize V5030E are entry-level hybrid flash solutions designed to provide enterprise-grade functionalities without compromising affordability or performance. Built with the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ and AI-powered predictive storage management and proactive support of Storage Insights™. Storwize V5000E helps make modern technologies such as artificial intelligence accessible to enterprises of all sizes.
IBM Storwize V5000E

IBM Storwize V5000E Benefits

Protect your most valuable data asset

Benefit from integration with modern data protection tools, cyber resiliency capability such as encryption and cloud "air gap" snapshots, and IBM FlashWatch guarantees for complete peace of mind.

Increase ROI

Transform IT infrastructure while increasing ROI by leveraging the power of IBM Spectrum Virtualize to extend a rich set of data services across all your storage systems.

Optimize storage efficiency

AI-powered IBM Storage Insights uses predictive analytics to optimize storage use and delivers proactive capabilities to streamline support.

Hybrid multicloud enabled

Enable enterprises across public, private and traditional environments. Grow your hybrid multicloud with the flexibility to start small and scale up as business demands or client adoption grows.

Affordable without compromise

Enterprise-class function, including cloud-based management and support. Store more data in less space with the latest generation storage media and data reduction technologies.

Six 9s availability

Gain the highest levels of availability to support your mission-critical applications.

IBM Storwize V5000E Key Features

  • Powered by IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Easy to use management tools
  • Transform from traditional to new technologies
  • AI-driven management and proactive support
  • Cloud capabilities that can be deployed across hybrid multicloud
  • Bringing enterprise services to containers
  • Data reduction options
  • IBM EasyTier
  • Peace of mind with IBM FlashWatch
  • Six 9's availability

Which IBM Storwize solution is right for you?

IBM Storwize V5030E

Large solution: Higher performance and scalability with additional functions

IBM Storwize V5010E

Small solution: Entry price point