Key Features of the IBM Storwize V5000E

Easy data mobility

Move data from your existing storage to your new Storwize V5000E, with built-in data migration. Easily move data between storage media types/class powered by AI. Seamlessly move data and applications to and from the cloud to complement your on-premises storage with the flexibility of cloud.

Intelligent support

IBM Storage Insights can help you better understand trends in storage capacity and performance and expedite resolution when support is required. Storage Insights monitors the health, capacity and performance for IBM block storage and external storage under management on a single pane of glass. Using AI-based analytics, it helps identify potential issues before they become problems. When support is needed, Storage Insights helps speed resolution by simplifying tickets and automating log uploads.

Data reduction options

Improve efficiency with data reduction pools that feature block deduplication and compression (available only in Storwize V5030E). In addition, SCSI UNMAP which allows you to free storage space upon deletion of extraneous data. The benefits include reduced acquisition cost, reduced rack space, and lower power and cooling costs throughout the lifetime of the system.

IBM Storage Utility Offering

Buy storage your way with the IBM Storage Utility Offering cloud-like pricing, you pay-as-you-grow. Get the ultimate in flexibility with a new way to procure data capacity with immediate access on demand. This offering allows you to predict monthly data capacity costs and pay only for the capacity you need, whether your data grows or shrinks. Drive new Capex costs over to the Opex line and save on the way.

IBM Easy Tier®

Provide automatic migration of frequently accessed data elements to high-performing flash storage. Helps to balance performance needs against infrastructure costs in a tiered storage environment.

Advanced copy services

Metro Mirror and Global Mirror allow synchronous or asynchronous data replication between any Storwize family systems for maximum flexibility. It helps optimize the use of network bandwidth with integrated Bridgeworks WANrockIT technology to reduce network costs or speed replication cycles – improving the accuracy of remote data. IBM FlashCopy allows you to take incremental snapshots of your data at regular intervals.

A worldwide network of business partners

Working with IBM Business Partners gives you access to the technology, services and best practices to make your implementation a success. These partners can help provide a scalable solution that can maintain performance, efficiency and manageability as data grows. Visit our PartnerWorld site and search our database for a business partner near you.

Six 9s data availability

Data availability is of crucial importance for business: any downtime causes immediate impact including loss of customer loyalty and financial costs. IBM Storwize V5000E systems with current software deliver six 9s (99.9999%) data availability. These systems include no single point of failure, enterprise proven control software and ability to perform maintenance concurrently with I/O. In addition, cloud-based IBM Storage Insights helps detect configuration errors to further improve availability.

Leverage public cloud

Available on IBM Cloud and AWS, IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud works together with Storwize V5000E to deliver public cloud storage as an extension of your on-premises data center. Move data and applications between on-premises and public cloud, implement new DevOps strategies, use public cloud for disaster recovery with the cost of a second data center or improve cyber resiliency with "air gap" cloud snapshots.

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