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Achieve personal and sensitive data discovery to drive insight and compliance
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IBM has established a new partnership with Breakwater Solutions, where we’ve transitioned IBM StoredIQ Suite to their portfolio. Please read more about this partnership here.

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Automate policy for unstructured data

IBM StoredIQ® Suite helps you address the problems that challenge your data discovery, records management, compliance activities, storage optimization and data migration initiatives. By providing an in-depth and in-place unstructured data assessment, this software gives organizations visibility into data to make more informed business decisions. IBM StoredIQ for Legal provides an organized, systemic approach that streamlines electronic discovery (eDiscovery) for legal stakeholders. Automate policy with IBM StoredIQ Policy, bundled with the StoredIQ Suite.

Benefits Provides in-place data management

In-place data management enables an organization to discover, recognize, and act on unstructured data without moving it to a repository or specialty application.

Includes powerful search

StoredIQ provides a powerful search function designed to accelerate the understanding of large amounts of unstructured content.

Simplifies analysis

Get simplified and detailed analysis of large amounts of corporate data. Analyze and manage data in-place, which lessens the impact traditionally associated with moving data between locations.

Provides actionable intelligence

Empower your enterprise with actionable intelligence that supports many different policy actions, such as copy, delete, move, copy to retention or export.

Release notes for IBM StoredIQ V7.6.0.20
Delivers data

In-place data management capabilities help enhance your efforts regarding remediation of regulatory and corporate policy violations.

StoredIQ for GDPR

StoredIQ GDPR-focused analytics cartridges provide advanced search capabilities specifically focused to discover country specific personal and unstructured data subject to the GDPR.

Automate policy across unstructured data

Use IBM StoredIQ Policy to help reduce risks and lower costs as you develop policies to identity, classify and manage enterprise information according to business value. Gain a deeper and holistic understanding of your corporate unstructured data. Get the necessary support you need as you address your business and regulatory requirements, compliance enforcement, data retention and respond to audit requests efficiently.

Streamline the eDiscovery process for stakeholders

IBM StoredIQ for Legal provides a platform designed to streamline the eDiscovery process for stakeholders. Gain efficiency and transparency in custodian identification, legal hold notification, and eDiscovery collection and preservation.

Interactive UI with highly scalable search and analysis

StoredIQ Insights provides faster search results and facet-based analysis to remediate unstructured data more effectively. It provides a modern UI that supports key term highlighting, interactive tagging and sampling support. The document preview feature increases product usability.

Accelerate document classification with machine learning

StoredIQ Suite comes with a capability called cognitive data assessment (CDA), which is used for document classification. CDA uses an active machine learning approach, where users review and tag sensitive data to train a data model, which then recommends the most valuable documents for review. This can help achieve significant time savings for your data discovery and data privacy initiatives.

Provide a systemic approach to eDiscovery

Use IBM eDiscovery Identification and Collection to gain insight into enterprise data. Lower costs and reduce the time and effort traditionally required for eDiscovery responses. Reduce the volume of unstructured data sent by targeting only the most relevant information for a particular case. You can also create forensically sound collections.

Enhance your ability to make informed decisions

Provide a featured in-place data management solution that helps enable an organization to discover, recognize and act on unstructured data without moving it to another repository or specialty application. The powerful search function accelerates the understanding of large amounts of unstructured content. Simplify analysis of large amounts of corporate data efficiently. Analyze and manage data in-place to lessen the impact traditionally associated with moving data between locations.

Manage both unstructured and structured data in one place

Through the integration of the IBM Information Governance Catalog and IBM StoredIQ, manage the discovery and classification of unstructured data. Additionally, synchronize data and determine which unstructured StoredIQ data objects are published to the Information Governance Catalog. This unified data governance approach helps organizations find the data they need and evaluate its quality at a glance.

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