Join us to learn how to understand your unstructured data risk in days and not years

Find your potential risk hot spots

IBM StoredIQ® InstaScan uses native index to give you visibility into your cloud data. Perform Risk Assessment and Compliance Check with speed and confidence by taking advantage of industry-recognized sampling algorithms.

Why IBM StoredIQ InstaScan?

Better manage cloud data sources

Apply your organization’s data management and compliance policies to your cloud data sources. Get a jump-start on your data governance and compliance preparedness plan.

Know your data

With IBM StoredIQ InstaScan, you can see what types of sensitive data are most prevalent within your organization and can prioritize your data clean-up activities.

Get more confident about data privacy

When you perform Risk Assessment and Compliance Check regularly, you can gain confidence about your data.


Leverage native index

Reduce the need to scan metadata to identify and assess cloud data sources.

Risk Assessment

Quickly analyze areas that are at risk for your policy violations within your cloud data sources.

Compliance Check

Gather results for your data compliance with policies and regulations defined by your organization.

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