Bar chart results emulating consumption based pricing models

Cloud economics: storage capacity when you need it

IBM Storage Utility enables you to procure storage your way, by paying for capacity only as you consume it. We identify your current and future needs and deploy the entire projected capacity on day-one giving you maximum performance for no disruptions during growth spurts.
The choice is yours to pay for capacity as your business initiatives consume it.


Link consumption to business initiatives

Your data growth will now be linked to your capacity costs, simply provision the storage you need as business dictates.

Reduce costs

Move high upfront costs to predictable quarterly charges aligned directly with your business needs. With consumption-based pricing, you only pay for the capacity you use.

Quickly scale capacity

Additional capacity is instantly available by easily provisioning what you need. With this scalable storage offering, there is no need for a vendor to disrupt your data center to add buffer capacity.

Accurately predict your needs

Leverage IBM Storage Insights to help accurately predict and control your upcoming capacity needs and costs, without disrupting your business.

Improve business agility

Plan for growth and new revenue streams with the agility to get applications to market right away, without a lengthy procurement process.

Save time

Eliminate the time-consuming procurement cycle when adding new capacity within the contract period.

Key features of IBM Storage Utility

Acquisition options

IBM Storage System Utility: IBM offers the flexibility to choose between a long term or short term commitment for the pay for use hardware options. The Storage Subscription offers customer choice for those looking for short term contracts. This option offers commitments of just 12 months, renewable to 48 and can be canceled at any time. Ideal for MSPs/CSPs and medium to large enterprises looking to create an inhouse utility, IBM enables a complete solution. By combining IBM LinuxONE and IBM storage, customers can now rent a total solution of compute to capacity in one easy to deploy procurement with pay as you grow pricing.
IBM Software Utility: perpetual and monthly license. You can choose between prepay for long term capacity expectation or short-term and pay by month.

Cloud-based monitoring

IBM Storage Insights provides unparalleled level of visibility across your storage environment to help you manage and predict data usage. It is IBM’s enterprise-proven, cognitive, cloud-based system insight platform that enables you to deploy quickly while improving capacity planning. It helps simplify reporting with easy, detailed storage consumption and predicted growth.

Pay only for what you use

Flexible base subscription with variable utilized capacity. Additional capacity is instantly available, simply provision the storage up or down as requirements dictate, and you will be billed upon usage.

High availability storage utility

When 5 or 6 nines of availability is not enough! Leverage IBM Storage Utility to build very cost effective high availability solutions.

IBM FlashWatch

High availability is critical in today's 7x24x365 business world. Traditional 5 and 6 nine arrays may not always be enough. IBM's FlashWatch high availability guarantees zero interruption to data availability and is engineered for today’s business climate where up time is critical. Together, with the IBM Storage Utility, IBM enables you to procure an HA storage solution with IBM HyperSwap for an additional cost of 20% over a traditional lease.