IBM Storage Scale System
Breaking barriers with a global data platform for AI and enterprise data
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IBM Storage Scale System is a hardware appliance that allows you to deploy IBM Storage Scale on thousands of nodes with TB/s performance, low latency and tens of millions of IOPS per node.

IBM Storage Scale System is our high-performance, parallel building block for AI and analytics storage designed to help you break through data barriers with our global data platform and IBM Storage Scale software. With our software-defined storage, you can easily deploy fast, highly scalable, resilient and secure data for your AI and high-performance workloads. IBM Storage Scale System empowers you to reduce inefficiency, lower acquisition costs, simplify storage management, eliminate data silos, support multiple demanding workloads and deliver high performance throughout your organization.

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IBM Storage Scale System 3500

Powered by a global data platform and IBM Storage Scale software, this high-performance building block scales from 48TB to 600YB of capacity in a single cluster. You can achieve parallel data access of up to 126GB/s per node and scale to 1000s of nodes. A simple GUI interface helps facilitate easy configuration and management. Powered by the enterprise data services, the system helps you to enable low latency with high throughput and global connectivity with automated life cycle data management and cyber secure resiliency services that can provide up to a near-continuous availability. Leverage our system to solve your most difficult AI and hybrid cloud data challenges.

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Benefits Improve efficiency

Build a sustainable, low-energy and high-performance infrastructure, that is flexible for multiple concurrent workloads.

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De-risk the business

Protect data and harden resiliency from attacks or unforeseen downtime and keep your systems on and accessible.

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Connect and optimize all your data

Create an open hybrid cloud and connected data platform that modernizes infrastructure with global data unification.

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IBM recognized as an industry leader for 7 consecutive years

For many consecutive years, IBM has been recognized by Gartner® as a leader in distributed file and object storage.

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Key features of Storage Scale System Accelerate AI and data modernization with key differentiated features. Turbocharge applications

Optimize data with TB/s parallel access to large files. Leverage the new turbo tier feature for faster access to small files with up to tens of millions of operations per second.

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IBM Erasure Coding

Recover data in minutes rather than hours, while using less space compared to data replication.

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Lockable data and audit trails

Access a detailed log of every action or activity within the system related to data or reports.


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Cyber security

Keep your data safe with IBM Safeguarded Copy. It also provides an easy way to quickly recover from a cyberattack.

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Policy-based tiering and data reduction

Move data between different storage tiers and enhance performance by freeing up primary storage.

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Global sharing and collaboration

Enable low-latency read and write access to data from anywhere in the world using AFM distributed routing and advanced caching technology.


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Sustainability with energy efficiency

Achieve your sustainability goals with IBM Storage Scale System which follows IBM's commitment to environmental leadership in all its business activities, from operations to the design of its products and use of its technology.

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Case studies  Conserving energy in a data-driven world

The Danish Meteorological Institute teams with IBM to adopt a modernized, more sustainable storage system

Driving innovative research forward by taking control of data

The University of Birmingham works with IBM to comply with data protection rules at low cost and maintain data availability.

Accelerating insight into vehicle safety at Continental

Continental Automotive AG leverages IBM to develop autonomous driving solutions with faster, more flexible data storage and simplified management for AI.

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Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.

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