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The IBM® SPSS® Statistics software puts the power of advanced statistical analysis at your fingertips. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced analyst, a statistician or a business professional it offers a comprehensive suite of advanced capabilities, flexibility and usability that are not available in traditional statistical software.

With the user-friendly and intuitive interface of SPSS Statistics, you can easily manage and analyze large datasets, gaining actionable insights for fact-base decisions. Its advanced statistical procedures and modeling techniques enable you to optimize organizational strategies, including predicting customer behaviors, forecasting market trends, detecting fraud to minimize business risk and conducting reliable research to drive accurate conclusions.

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Benefits Intuitive interface

Prepare and analyze data through an intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop functionality, eliminating the need for writing codes.

Simplified data management

Efficiently integrate data management with statistical analysis, by easily importing, cleaning, and manipulating data within your analytical environment.

Comprehensive analysis

Conduct descriptive statistics and regression analyses, visualize patterns of missing data, and summarize variable distributions—all within one-stop solution.

Advanced predictive analytics

Use the predictive modeling capabilities to accurately forecast trends and outcomes, enhancing your business planning and research.

Customizable output

Tailor analysis outputs and reports to your specific needs with customizable charts, graphs, and tables, optimizing your presentations and insights.

Open-source integration

Extend SPSS syntax with R and Python through pre-built extensions or custom scripts for personalized data analysis and visualization.

Popular features

Helping you to achieve more with greater speed and efficiency.

SURVREG AFT Estimate parametric accelerated failure time survival models.

Bayesian procedures Estimate Bayes factors and posterior distributions for parameters.

Estimated marginal means Compare group means using a general linear model approach.

Multilayer perceptron (MLP) network Predict or classify outcomes using neural network models.

SPSS Statistics Editions

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IBM SPSS Statistics Commercial Editions

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IBM SPSS Statistics for Academic Institutions

IBM offers a way for academic institutions to scale their use of SPSS Statistics for teaching and learning purposes with the SPSS Statistics Campus Edition.

IBM SPSS Statistics GradPack and Faculty Packs

Learn how to use statistical analysis and build skills employers are seeking. Special student pricing available.

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Companies of all sizes love SPSS Statistics for its ease of use, intuitive interface, and wide variety of functions and capabilities. It has received multiple G2 awards and is recognized as a leader in the G2 Grid Report for Statistical Analysis, Spring 2024. Read the report Access the infographic
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