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SPSS Statistics offers different packages including special pricing for Academics. Explore them below.
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10% discount on yearly subscription

Choose 12-month auto-renewal and save 10% on subscription and add-ons.

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10% savings on 12-month subscription Subscription plan

Take advantage of flexible payment plans with a monthly or annual subscription.

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Perpetual or term licenses

Choose between customizable Base, Standard, Professional and Premium packages.

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GradPack for students

Get affordable access to our advanced software with single-user student licenses.

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Faculty Pack for teachers

Buy the comprehensive SPSS Statistics pack specially designed for educators.

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Campus Edition for universities

Simplify instruction using sitewide licensing with SPSS Statistics Campus Edition.

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Base Standard Professional Premium Subscription

Extend the base subscription with 3 optional Add-ons. See footnotes below for information on the Add-Ons.

Pricing Plan

Perpetual or Term License

Perpetual or Term License

Perpetual or Term License

Perpetual or Term License

Monthly or Annual Subscription

Statistics Base

+  in add-on A¹

+  in add-on A

+  in add-on A

+  in add-on B²

+  in add-on B

+  in add-on B

+  in add-on B

+  in add-on C³

+  in add-on C

+  in add-on C

+  in add-on C

+  in add-on C


USD 3,610 per user**

USD 7,960 per user**

USD 15,900 per user**

USD 23,800 per user**

Monthly USD 99 for Base + USD 79 per add-on **

Or yearly USD 1069.20 for Base + USD 853.20 per add-on

¹ This and the 2 following modules are included in Add-On A: Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics Users
² This and the 3 following modules are included in Add-On B: Forecasting and Decision Trees
³ This and the 4 following modules are included in Add-On C: Sampling, Testing

*SPSS Amos is included in the Premium edition, but can be purchased as a stand-alone offering
**Indicative list price for one authorized user perpetual license

Frequently asked questions about pricing

If you purchase a monthly or annual subscription of IBM SPSS Statistics, your payment method will be automatically charged at the beginning of each billing period (either yearly or monthly). First-time IBM Marketplace customers can pay with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Returning customers can pay with a credit card, purchase order or invoice.

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You can easily add more licenses and add-ons by logging in to your My IBM account.

Click the “Manage” button next to your SPSS Statistics listing. When you get to the overview page, go to “Upgrade or change plan,” click the “Make changes” button, and follow the instructions on the next page.

Go to your My IBM account

Log in to your My IBM account. When you get to the product page, click the “Manage” button next to your SPSS subscription listing. Then, select “Manage users” from the left side menu. Click “Add new user” in the upper right corner of the user table. Enter the new username and IBM ID or email address, then click “Submit”. Once the form is submitted, the new user will receive an email invitation to use the service.

Go to your My IBM account

No. The free trial version includes all the add-on features, as well as the Base subscription features. If you decide to purchase a Base subscription, be sure to find any add-ons you will need and include them at checkout.

Create your free trial account

No, it’s not. We offer multiple licensing options to serve your needs. The perpetual and term license options let you choose from four editions: Base, Standard, Professional and Premium.

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Perpetual and term licenses require an authorization code. Subscriptions require internet connectivity and an IBMid to log in, but do not require a license authorization code.

Subscription licenses will require macOS version 10.10 or higher, or Microsoft Windows 10 or a later.

View detailed subscription requirements

Yes. For technical support, log in to your My IBM account. When you get to the Products page, click the “Manage” button next to your SPSS Statistics subscription listing. Then, click “Product support” on the left side menu to select a support option. Traditional licenses include 12 months of technical support.

Go to your My IBM account

Log in to your My IBM account. When you get to the Products page, click the “Manage” button next to your subscription listing. Next, click “Cancel plan” on the overview page. You should receive an email confirming your termination date.

If you are ineligible for online cancellation, you will receive a link to contact our eCustomer Care team for assistance with cancellation. If you purchased SPSS from a third-party reseller, you may need to contact them to cancel your subscription.

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A Subscription plan has simpler packaging, flexible billing options, automatic software updates and user account management features. You have the option to purchase IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription with a credit card on the IBM Marketplace.

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Fixed Term and Perpetual licenses are the traditional way to purchase SPSS Statistics through an IBM seller or IBM Business Partner. Software authorization codes are required and software updates are manually downloaded from Passport Advantage or Fix Central.

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For the Perpetual licenses, check out this data sheet for a list of features included within each edition. For Subscription plans, read this data sheet.

To renew your Fixed Term or Perpetual license, contact an IBM seller or IBM Business Partner.

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You can reactivate by purchasing a new Subscription plan through My IBM. You do not need to reinstall the application. Once your plan has been purchased, simply log in to the software with your IBMid.

To check the status of your Subscription, log in to your My IBM account.

Go to your My IBM account

Subscription plans renew automatically each month. You can stop this by logging in to your My IBM account. Find the SPSS Statistics Subscription tile and click “Manage.”  Next, click the “Cancel plan” link in the Overview section.

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