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Getting started with this product

What are the major differences between Subscription and Version 25?

Subscription is the newest way to buy SPSS Statistics. It has simpler packaging, easier downloads, easier licensing via IBMID and monthly subscription pricing. New features are added to Subscription first, making it easier to keep software up-to-date and enjoy the latest product features.

Trial: How long does the trial last? Can I extend it?

The trial period is for 14 days, beginning from the time you complete registration.  Trials cannot be extended.

Trial: Are all add-ons included in the trial? What features are included in the trial?

The trial includes all add-ons as well as all the features and functionality of SPSS Statistics Subscription.


What is the cost of Version 25?

The cost of Version 25 depends on which edition of the software you want to buy. You can find prices per year by going to the Purchase tab and clicking "Other licensing options" in the pricing table.

What is the cost of Subscription? Can I pay for a full year?

The cost of Subscription varies based on the number of users and which add-ons (if any) you include as part of your purchase. You can find prices per user per month by navigating to the Purchase tab and viewing the pricing table.

To purchase for a different time period, please contact an IBM seller the and they will assist with additional purchase options. You can find contact options in the blue "Talk to an expert" tab on the right hand side of your screen.

The cost of SPSS Statistics is not available in my local currency. How can I find this information?

First, ensure you are viewing the correct pricing table for your locale by clicking on the link below. If the price displayed on that page does not list the price in your currency, please contact an IBM Seller to get a price. (Click "Talk to an expert" tab on the right hand side of your screen.)


How do I get support for SPSS Statistics? (all versions)

Please use the SPSS Statistics support site by following the link below. Download software, open and monitor support tickets, find an authorized IBM partner seller and more.

Do I have to be online to use Subscription?

Subscription can be used offline, but requires authentication every two weeks. A working internet connection is required for this step.

Can I apply a license key to Subscription?

SPSS Statistics Subscription is a new offering that does not use license keys. To utilize a license key, you will need to download and install the appropriately numbered software or GradPack software from your place of purchase.

After my Subscription trial has ended, do I need to re-install the purchased version of the software?

You do not need to re-install as long as you use the same IBMID for both trial and purchase. Subscription will automatically convert from the trial to the purchased version.


What are the software requirements for Subscription?

Subscription supports macOS X Yosemite version 10.10 (or later), and Windows 7 (or later).

How many users can Subscription support?

From one to many. It is based on authorized users so it is not recommended for site-wide usage (e.g., thousands of users).

Other common questions

How to buy: How do I renew my term license?

To renew your term license, please contact an IBM representative. (A term license is a defined period of use for a "numbered" version of SPSS Statistics such as SPSS Statistics Version 25.) You can find contact options in the blue "Talk to an expert" tab on the right hand side of your screen.

How to buy: How do I reactivate my subscription?

You can reactivate a cancelled or lapsed subscription by repurchasing the software using the same IBMID as before.

How to buy: How can I check the status of my subscription?

To check the status of your subscription, log into MyIBM at (link below)

How to buy: How do I buy Subscription for a single month?

Subscription renews automatically each month by default. You can prevent this by logging into MyIBM at (link below). Find SPSS Statistics Subscription and click on “Manage.” In the "Overview" section under "Plan details" click "Cancel plan" and follow the prompts.