SPSS Modeler demo 1: Access data

This first in a series of four tutorials on IBM SPSS® Modeler introduces the powerful capabilities of the tool, including:
• Accessing data
• Manipulating data
• Analyzing data
• Deploying the results of your analysis
Then, you’ll be taken on a deeper exploration of how you can use SPSS Modeler to access and merge a variety of data sources.

SPSS Modeler demo 2: Manipulate data

This second tutorial demonstrates how you can use SPSS Modeler to manipulate data in a stream and prepare it for analysis by cleaning and processing the date for presentation into an algorithm. And, SPSS Modeler makes it easier to modify rows and columns of information in your dataset to prepare it for analysis.

SPSS Modeler demo 3: Analyze data

This third tutorial demonstrates how you can use SPSS Modeler to analyze your data. SPSS Modeler offers a choice from a variety of pre-built algorithms to help you create models visually and intuitively. SPSS Modeler provides automated techniques that allow it to arrive at certain conclusions for you, thereby removing much of the guesswork.

SPSS Modeler demo 4: Deploy the results of your analysis

This fourth tutorial demonstrates how the SPSS Modeler can help you put the models you’ve developed and validated to use, yielding better decisions and improved business outcomes. And, SPSS Modeler offers code-free deployment, greatly simplifying the process of deploying your models into applications.

Demo: Create a predictive model to anticipate customer churn

Guided Demo: Create a predictive model to predict customer churn

In this guided demo, you use IBM SPSS Modeler to build a machine-learning model to predict which customers might leave your service.

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