Save time

Automate cataloging of unstructured data by capturing metadata as it is created. Support multiple file and object storage systems from IBM and other vendors.


Increase productivity

Enable deeper insight by combining system metadata with custom tags. Increase productivity for administrators or anyone looking for insights into large data repositories.

Integrate easily

Leverage extensibility using the Action Agent API, custom tags and policy-based workflows to orchestrate deeper content inspection. Activate data in AI, machine learning and analytics workflows.


Integration to IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Easily integrate metadata, then leverage file and object data using IBM Cloud Pak for Data and IBM AI solutions.

Optimize data with more granularity

A policy engine helps optimize data capacity and data location based on defined data policies.

Heterogeneous file and object storage

Supports both IBM and non-IBM storage systems on-premises and in the cloud.

Policy-based metadata tagging

Action Agent API automatically captures metadata and creates custom metadata from search results.

Dashboard and customizable reporting

See at-a-glance, detailed, customizable views of the user environment with role-based access controls.

Continuous metadata ingestion

Use with IBM Cloud® Object Storage, IBM Spectrum® Scale or Red Hat® Ceph storage for continuous metadata ingestion.

Rapid discovery of data assets

Fast search enables users to quickly find subsets of indexed records based on role-based access.

Content-based tagging and search

Apply custom metadata tags based on user-definable keywords and quickly find data with those tags.

Security-rich, extensible architecture

Ensure only authorized users can access data, integrate with third-party software, automate workflows.

Automatically manage sensitive data

Automatically identify and classify data with sensitive or personally identifiable information.

Community-supported extensions catalog

Discover, install and manage third-party extensions from a community-supported ecosystem.