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Migrate to cloud with a service for traditional x86 and IBM Power systems applications
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Skytap on IBM Cloud

Skycap on IBM Cloud® is a managed service that allows you to migrate an entire data center environment including x86, AIX, IBM i and Linux on IBM Power® workloads, data and networking configurations—and to run it natively on the latest IBM Power hardware on IBM Cloud.

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How it's used

Integrate Make the most of your System i, AIX and Linux applications. Integrate with cloud-native services and move to the cloud without rewriting or refactoring.
Modernize your applications App modernization and multicloud adoption can deliver significant benefits to your organization. Use a cost-effective method as you modernize.
Easier migration Traditionally, migration is impossible without significant rework. With Skytap on IBM Cloud, you can migrate your traditional application without change.

Benefits Migrate unchanged

An easier way to replicate your data center

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Modern tools

Quickly provision virtual machines.

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High availability and disaster recovery

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Features A simpler way to move to cloud Heterogeneous environments

See how to easily move your traditional application out of the data center and into the cloud.

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Build cloud native

Learn how to bridge the innovation gap with Skytap on IBM Cloud.

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