Business Value

Business Value

Semiconductor companies face a growing set of challenges to manage opportunities, from identification through production in an increasingly complex global ecosystem. Volume growth, coupled with downward pressure on margins and average selling prices (ASPs) are straining manufacturers’ ability to develop and manage their product portfolio. The inability to respond to sudden demand changes or production problems increases overall manufacturing costs. SiView Standard is also difficult to plan and schedule across complex manufacturing lines located worldwide.

SiView Standard can transform your manufacturing execution systems (MESs) and processes by helping you get your semiconductor line up, running and stabilized early, and improve supply chain management through a unified system. SiView Standard can provide a competitive edge with a fully automated, single wafer control, and build a line to handle multiple lots in a carrier. SiView Standard can improve your strategic sourcing, collaboration and enterprise resource planning to support manufacturing processes. SiView Standard integrates with your current enterprise systems to facilitate tighter supply chain and manufacturing linkages, so you can leverage economies of scale and respond quicker to market changes. SiView Standard can also enable initial fab bring-up in record time.

Key Features

Material Manager (MM)

MM is production management on the manufacturing floor, supporting 16 operation modes from completely offline, manual to fully automated, high volume production. MM embeds over 400 rich business logic elements to manage objects in wafer, lot, FOUP, and equipment, with real-time control and tracking of WIP, product, job and process.

Sense and Response

Sense and Response (SaR) is a development and run-time framework for factory event handling that increases manufacturing utilization and efficiency. SaR allows users to create workflows to detect business events in existing systems (e.g. MM), execute business rules and respond to factory resources in real‐time. Such workflows can be introduced continuously without system outage.

Advanced Process Control

SiView Advanced Process Control (APC) is pre-integrated with MM/DCS and supports Java/BPEL for business logic implementation. In addition, externally developed math models (e.g. MATLAB) can be adopted as a library. This allows personnel from engineering, science and economics to work on process control models quickly and effectively. 

High Availability Scalability

SiView High Availability Scalability (HAS) supports clustering of CORBA server processes (e.g. MM servers). HAS automatically detects and recovers CORBA server process failure and provides flexibility of CORBA server extension. Under HAS configuration, application changes for fixes and enhancement can be applied without impacting production activities.

Machine Supervisory Program

SiView Machine Supervisory Program (tMSP) is an SiView Standard offering for manufacturing tool control application, which controls communications between a piece of Equipment (tool) and the MES. SiView Standard runs on an event-driven, service oriented, multi-threaded logic engine and uses plug-ins to support business logic. In addition, SiView Standard provides a collection of ready to use modules supporting many common communication protocols, allowing application developers focus on business logic. tMSP conforms to SECS or HSMS protocol and supports the GEM standard.

Production Dynamic Simulator

SiView Production Dynamic Simulator (PDS aka WIP Simulator) is a discrete event simulator to predict detailed lot movements, tool utilization, and snapshot of work in progress lots in a semiconductor factory. SiView Standard provides out-of-box high speed simulation feature which provides information necessary for decision making in continuous improvement of factory operation such like capacity planning, WIP balancing, throughput increase, lead-time reduction, etc.

Real Time Dispatching

SiView Real Time Dispatching (RTD) pre-integrated with SiView MES and provides enhanced intelligent decision- making experience in response to ever-changing conditions in the factory. Provided through a browser-based rule editor, RTD enables users to create and define business/operation rules by dragging and dropping icons from a rich collection of components. As RTD requires little programming skill, it allows engineers to focus on business logic and respond quickly to logic and factory changes. 

Statistical Process Control

Web based Statistical Process Control (SPC) performs the real-time statistical process control, using process data and measurement data (pre-integrated with MM). Using built-in analytical functions, SPC helps to forecast defect occurrence, improve yield through real-time monitoring on process equipment data trends.

Specification Manager

Specification Manager (SM) provides the build-time specification management functions to create and define operations. Based on SEMATECH CIM Framework, SM supports 70+ classes to create and define semiconductor manufacturing scenarios with flexible version control, access control and archive solutions. Those classes include products, processes, routing, equipment, personnel, as well as operation specifics. 

XM and RXM

XM (FOUP transport) and RXM (Reticle transport), pre-integrated with MM, provide an MTSC interface to manage FOUP and reticle transport on the manufacturing floor. XM and RXM supports the SEMI Equipment Communication Standard (SECS), High Speed SECS Message Service (HSMS), and the Generic Model for Communications and Control of manufacturing Equipment (GEM), standard interface for equipment and material handling systems.

Proven MES with Fab Operation Scenarios for Full Automation

SiView Standard has about 200 ready-to-use Fab operation scenarios including interaction with equipment, transportation system and applications, documented as MRM (Manufacturing Reference Model).  This speeds realization of maximum benefits.


Industry Standard Compliance (Equipment, MCS integration)

SiView Standard keeps being in compliance with SEMI Standard (GEM300, IF-A, SLM etc.). SiView Standard also has standard integration with major MCS vendors (Daifuku, Murata) as de-facto standard.

High Availability and Scalability

SiView Standard achieved more than 1,300 days non-stop operation.

The HAS feature supports non-stop operation and scalability to handle tremendous amounts of transactions at  “Giga-Fabs” (or at a "Giga-Fab").

HAS: High Availability and Scalability feature

AAS: Always Available System

High Availability and Scalability
Continuous enhancement to meet requirements from End User Community

Continuous enhancement to meet requirements

IBM has continued investment for SiView Standard enhancements to keep the solution valuable.  Customers’ requirements from our annual user survey and our SiView Standard User Conference are reflected in the product Roadmap.

Globally Integrated Multi Fab Management

SiView Standard provides Globally Integrated Multi Fab management features which consists of Global Integrated Specification Management, Scalable MES and Cross Fab operation support.

Full scope integration in full automation mode

Full scope integration in full automation mode

SiView Standard has Full Scope Integration Service Experience with 3rd party software.

Delivery Excellence with Total worldwide system support

SiView Standard delivery team has achieved 100% successful on-time delivery records. SiView Standard delivery team has more than 200 people worldwide.
IBM can provide one team delivery and support of Hardware, Software, Infrastructure and Application.

Digital Transformation

SiView Standard has evolved with IBM Strategy on Digital Transformation.
RedHat Enterprise Linux has been supported to enable Hybrid Cloud Computing.
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