Can you tell when your network performance is normal and when it’s not?

Organizations today are rearchitecting their networks with newer technologies such as next-gen wifi, SD-WAN, SDN, multicloud, 5G and more to support their digital transformation roadmaps. However, keeping track of KPIs for these new physical and virtual network elements to know when everything is normal, and more importantly when it’s not, is a near impossible task.

IBM® SevOne® Network Performance Management (NPM) is designed to meet this challenge. As the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable network monitoring platform, it delivers the modern collection, analytics and integration capabilities required to transform raw network performance data into actionable, real-time insights.

Modern monitoring and analytics

Modern collection

Discover a comprehensive collection of multivendor performance data from the physical and virtual network infrastructure.

Modern analytics

Apply advanced analytics with machine-learning driven baselines and user-defined levels of standard deviation to drive robust alert policies.

Modern visualizations

Find, use, and share valuable insights with user-friendly interactive visualizations and analytics.

Modern integrations

Integrate operations across multiple IT systems with streaming metrics and third-party data integrations.


Proactive monitoring

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Helps collect and analyze metric and flow data in real-time to find and fix network problems before they impact end users.

Alerting policies

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Flexible alerting policies help ensure critical alerts are delivered to the right teams at the right time, to quickly isolate, assess, and resolve network issues.

Dynamic capacity planning

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Use up to one year’s worth of 'as polled' network performance metrics to anticipate the capacity needed to handle future growth and changes.

SLA reporting

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Helps ensure that your network meets service level agreements (SLAs) and provides your teams early warnings about performance anomalies.

Tool consolidation

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With industry-leading data collection and analysis, SevOne NPM helps you gain new insights and retire legacy tools without missing a beat.

Modernize your network

Automated baselines

Product screenshot with graphs for real-time and historical performance metrics and alerts

Automated baselines

SevOne NPM automatically creates baselines for every metric collected, based on the time of day and week to keep track of changes in network traffic patterns. Unlike static thresholds, automated baselines notify users when something is not normal, making SevOne NPM alerts more actionable.

Network support

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Network support

SevOne NPM provides support for leading SD-WAN, SDN and enterprise wifi vendors, along with a ten-business day SLA for new SNMP devices in your network. This assures NetOps teams that SevOne NPM has got their back as they continue their journey to next-gen networks.

Comprehensive visibility

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End-to-end network visibility

Helps collect and analyze network flow data from across varied segments of your network, making it possible for network engineers to view detailed, time-based, and application-based usage of a network.


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