IBM Service Management Unite key details

Provides a consolidated view of system health status

Understand how your system is operating with an overview of the status of z/OS® systems and interaction with z/OS systems from a service management dashboard. You can access key performance indicators and automation status for a resource in exception status without logging on to a different screen. You can conduct problem analysis and diagnosis with dashboard monitors. Use a mobile device to view overall status of the online applications.

Delivers a single point of control for efficient automation

Conduct a search for error messages across multiple z/OS System logs and Message User Logs, and receive the search results in less than 10 seconds from a single point of control. Identify recent changes made to an impacted system resource and compare the performance metrics before and after the time of the change. You can also activate automation functions to start, stop and recycle components running on z/OS without having to open and logon to a different screen.

Integrates with Z ChatOps

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ChatOps is a model that integrates people, tools and processes into a collaboration platform so that teams can efficiently communicate and easily manage the flow of their work. IBM Z ChatOps provides support for Z environments by including a chatbot that gives users access to information from Z systems management tools directly into Slack®, Microsoft® Teams™, or Mattermost®. Easily notify the IT operations team about alerts from IBM Z applications. ChatOps also integrates with IBM Service Management Unite for broad access to IBM Z data to enable chat users to drill-down into web-based dashboards with additional information. With Z ChatOps, accelerate incident resolution and enable faster onboarding of next-gen IBM Z operators.

Improves productivity with an integrated operations console

Get notification of a triggered event to identify what system resources are impacted without having to open and logon to a different screen. Operators can enter commands to heal problems, submit prepared job procedures or use any MVS command without having to open and logon to a different screen. You can more effectively execute complex tasks, such as starting and stopping heterogeneous business applications on IBM Z systems and distributed platforms.

Dashboards allow for customization and access to Z logs

Gain system insight with dashboard technologies used by many IBM and third party products, including Jazz™ for Service Management and IBM Dashboard Application Services Hub. Using this data, you can focus on system health and problem identification, triage and service restoration.

Runs on mobile devices

You can use mobile devices to access mobile-enabled Service Management Unite dashboards so that you can monitor and operate your environment using a smartphone or tablet. Mobility can be easily extended by creating your own dashboards to integrate data and functions.

Runs directly on z/OS

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Deploy Service Management Unite image directly into z/OS using z/OS Container Extensions.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment solutions help you align your infrastructure investments with workload needs.