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Feature spotlights

Discover Privileged, Shared and Service Accounts

The first step in managing privileged accounts is finding accounts you don’t know exist. IBM Secret Server’s Discovery quickly scans your network to find and take over unmanaged privileged, shared and service accounts.

Protect Passwords with a Secure, Encrypted Vault

Too often passwords are shared and stored in unsecure ways. IBM Secret Server stores privileged credentials in an encrypted, centralized vault, to ensure they are properly protected using advanced encryption standards.

Change Passwords Automatically When They Expire

Privileged passwords should be changed regularly. IBM Secret Server’s built in password changing and expiration schedules ensure that critical passwords are changed automatically, without manual intervention.

Record & Monitor Privileged Session Access, Log Keystrokes

Maintain a full audit trail for your critical systems by recording remote sessions. IBM Secret Server provides real-time session monitoring and control including proxying, session recording, and keystroke logging.

24x7 Access to IBM Support

IBM Support is enterprise-ready and available around the world to help keep your business running smoothly. Experience 24x7 access to help you achieve success with IBM Secret Server.

Experience an Unlimited Feature Set

Enjoy a completely unlimited feature set within IBM Secret Server, utilizing features related to Automation, Discovery, Auditing and Reporting, Compliance, Approval Workflow, Disaster Recovery and more.

Integrate with the IBM Security Portfolio

IBM Secret Server integrates with many IBM Security solutions, including Cloud Identity for single sign-on and multi-factor authentication and Identity Governance & Intelligence (IGI) for lifecycle management and governance.

Utilize IBM Security Expert Labs

IBM Security Expert Labs services are available for deployment and configuration for IBM Secret Server, partnering with your organization to enable you to get the greatest return from your IBM investment.

Utilize IBM Security PAM Professional Services

PAM technologies often require a comprehensive strategy to effectively reduce risk. IBM offers optional PAM services alongside IBM Secret Server to help protect your organization from privileged credential attacks.

Make Use of an Unlimited Number of Distributed Engines

IBM Secret Server offers a distributed engine capability that allows unlimited networks and endpoints to be managed across different geographical regions, thus allowing your PAM capabilities to scale at an enterprise level.

Experience Unlimited Applications and SDK

PAM solutions built for DevOps replace risky practices. IBM Secret Server can make a direct connection to systems via API to tokenize hardcoded or externally stored credentials, removing reliance on less secure credential storage.

Simple IIS & SQL Stack for Easy Deployment

Appliance based PAM solutions are often not deployed. IBM Secret Server is built on a technology stack that is inherent to most Enterprises’ infrastructure and can be deployed in a quick timeframe, allowing for a faster ROI.

How customers use it

  • Discover Your Privileged Accounts


    Often, organizations don’t know what privileged accounts exist, or where they’re stored, so they can’t secure them against hackers or insider threats.


    With IBM Security Secret Server, organizations can use Discovery to automatically find privileged accounts and bring them into the vault, to ensure their privileged accounts are secure and compliant.

  • Secure & Manage Your Privileged Accounts


    Shared credentials to privileged accounts, such as admin accounts, are often written down on post-it notes or shared spreadsheets. Yet these same credentials unlock organizations’ most critical assets.


    With IBM Security Secret Server, organizations gain full control over which users have access to which privileged credentials, and how they can use those credentials.

  • Monitor Your Privileged Accounts


    With shared accounts, it can often be difficult to know exactly who is accessing your systems and data. If someone adds a backdoor account, makes an unauthorized change, or takes some other risky action, it can be difficult to trace who did what.


    With IBM Security Secret Server, you can monitor and record privileged sessions so you know every keystroke a user takes for comprehensive audit and forensics.

Technical details

Technical specifications

IBM Security Secret Server v. 10.6.

Software requirements

IBM Security Secret Server v. 10.6.

Hardware requirements

IBM Security Secret Server v. 10.6.

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