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Make transaction applications easier to navigate with SDF II

IBM® Screen Definition Facility II (SDF II) is a versatile tool for developing and maintaining panels, panel groups, partition sets, AID tables and control tables for enterprise transaction applications. It enables you to build and maintain user interface specifications — screens, maps, formats — to design, test, implement and maintain user interfaces for applications running on target systems. You can boost development productivity by converting screens developed for one target system to be used by another. SDF II supports COBOL, PL/I, Assembler, C and RPG. It also supports workstation-based application development under IBM z/OS®.


Improve usability

Design, test, implement and maintain user interfaces that help make IBM CICS®, IBM IMS™, ISPF, CSP or GDDM applications easier and simpler to navigate.

Reduce future re-engineering

Review the flow of panels with the eventual application user before anyone writes a line of code to help minimize future re-engineering efforts.

Exploit transaction application services

Use Screen Definition II objects in applications developed with or that use CICS BMS, IMS MFS, ISPF, GDDM-IMD or CSP/AD.

Develop interactively

Develop objects that can be defined using CICS BMS macros, IMS MFS utility control statements, ISPF panel definitions, GDDM-IMD and CSP/AD. Import/generate objects for IMS MFS.

IBM Screen Definition Facility II features

  • Panel and panel group editors
  • Partition set editor
  • AID table and control table editors
  • Panels, panel groups and partition sets generation
  • Application prototyping
  • Import utility
  • Conversion utility
  • Extraction utility