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Simplify your infrastructure

Built with IBM Spectrum® Virtualize software—part of the IBM Spectrum Storage family—IBM® SAN Volume Controller is an enterprise-class storage system. It helps organizations achieve better data economics by supporting the large scale workloads that are critical to success.

SAN Volume Controller systems can handle the massive volumes of data from mobile and social applications and enable flexible hybrid cloud deployments. It delivers the performance and scalability needed to gain insights from the latest analytics technologies.

Benefits Improve data value

Reduce the cost of storing data by using data reduction, and accelerating applications to speed business insights.

Increase data security

Implement a complete high availability strategy, including data and application mobility and full DR protection including to the cloud.

Enhance data simplicity

Support a data strategy independent of infrastructure with integrated functionality and management across heterogeneous storage.

Gain high availability

Take advantage of six 9s availability to support your mission-critical applications.

Protect against cyber threats

Defend against ransomware with immutable and isolated copies that can be recovered following an attack.

Features Insulation from physical storage

IBM Spectrum Virtualize enables applications to run without disruption, even when changes are made to the storage infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud advancements

Enable a single hybrid cloud solution across IBM Cloud®, AWS, and Microsoft Azure for more than 500 supported storage systems.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud
Data reduction

Expand the range of candidate data that can benefit from data reduction with data reduction pools. Increase capacity while maintaining app performance.

Data resilience

Take advantage of a complete set of data resilience capabilities with high availability, business continuance and data security features.

Application availability

Move data from one storage system to another or between arrays, while maintaining access to the data.

Tiered storage

Implement more efficient use of flash storage or multiple tiers of disk drives with automated storage tiering using AI-based IBM Easy Tier®.

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Multisite high availability

Support storage and servers in two data centers with IBM HyperSwap®. Access data concurrently with automated switch-over in case of failure.

AI-driven management and proactive support

Use predictive AI-based analytics to identify issues before they become problems. Speed resolution by simplifying tickets and automating log uploads.

IBM Storage Insights
Scalability and performance

Upgrade without disruption with the SAN Volume Controller integrated, modular highly scalable system.

Simplified management

Use the simple GUI to perform configuration, management and service tasks over multiple storage systems—even from different vendors.

Complement server virtualization

Use IBM Spectrum Virtualize in SAN Volume Controller to complement a wide variety of server virtualization and containerization technologies.

Case study
Data Action By deploying QRadar components within a VMware cluster, Data Action was able to experience a smaller physical footprint and lower power costs with greater flexibility and future scalability. Read the case study
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Best Practices and Performance Guidelines

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Security feature checklist for storage systems

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