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Highly repetitive employee tasks often take valuable time away from more important and creative problem-solving and customer-centric work. RPA is the industry term for software tools that help automate routine tasks to give important time back to employees.

This offering augments  traditional  RPA capabilities with extra automation. Use it to address your immediate task-automation needs, and then layer on capabilities to make your  bots smarter and even more agile.

Your bots will be able to orchestrate workflows, integrate with your business rules and decisions, manage your content, and capture data. All these capabilities help you achieve your business objectives more efficiently and effectively — and reimagine newer, even more scalable, and innovative ones.


See where RPA fits into your automation landscape

See where RPA fits into your automation landscape Read the RPA buyer’s guide

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Boost productivity

Move repetitive tasks to always-on bots you can manage with rules for increased accuracy and output, enabling employees to spend more time on innovation.

Lower operational costs

Experience the cost efficiencies that occur when you automate routine, manual tasks and shift valuable employee knowledge toward higher-revenue efforts.

Increase accuracy of work

Increase precision with automation that simulates human action yet virtually eliminates human errors from manual data entry or moving between screens.

Scale on demand

Reduce or add bots quickly and as needs fluctuate and give your business an advantage by creating customer experiences that can scale through automation.

Shorten development cycles

Optimize processes around software development lifecycles, including reducing turnaround and minimizing possible human error by delivering new automation.

Reduce reliance on IT

Enable business users to create and deploy new automation in hours or days. No IT skills are required, so IT can focus elsewhere.

Read about how IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere works

Read about how IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere works View details

Which option is right for you?


Designed for smaller deployments and paired with IBM Business Automation Workflow Express to orchestrate multiple bots and handle exceptions, you get full RPA capabilities at a lower-cost entry point.


Built for larger deployments and paired with IBM Digital Business Automation Express, you get integrated process automation with workflow management, real-time decision-making and data capture capabilities.


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