What are the key features of IBM RPA?

Simple bot creation interface

Create bots quickly by capturing the keystrokes and mouse clicks you want the bot to replicate by using one of the built-in screen recorders. You also have the option of creating or editing bots manually with the Task Editor.

Provides a control room

Within the Control Room, you can view tasks in progress, schedule bots, manage bot versions, administer users and roles, and maintain an audit trail of user and bot activities.

IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere Enterprise plus Digital Business Automation

Built to extend the value of standalone robotic process automation, IBM RPA Enterprise with Automation Anywhere is enhanced with IBM Digital Business Automation Express, unlocking additional automation capabilities. Orchestrate your digital workforce with IBM Business Automation Workflow to make bots smarter with IBM Operational Decision Manager and integrate unstructured data into business applications with IBM Data Capture.

IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere Express plus Business Automation Workflow

Typical end-to-end processes include a series of tasks, both repetitive and complex. Standalone RPA only addresses the repetitive tasks. IBM Business Automation Workflow Express is included in IBM RPA Express with Automation Anywhere to address this gap, unlocking the true value of RPA by allowing users to deploy bots within orchestrated workflows.

Where can I find technical details?

We can help you find the right edition and pricing for your business needs.

We can help you find the right edition and pricing for your business needs. See pricing

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How can I get more value from your RPA solution?

Combining RPA with Capture

Combining RPA with Capture

When you need your bots to understand a wider range of unstructured documents to facilitate data-rich scenarios.

Combining RPA with Workflow

Combining RPA with Workflow

When you need your bots to coordinate their work with humans to run start-to-finish processes.

Combining RPA with Decisions

Combining RPA with Decisions

When you need your bots to be a bit more agile to leverage the decision-making skills of an expert.