IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody – Designer for Systems Engineers

Provides a collaborative, model-based systems engineering development environment to improve product

What is Rhapsody – Designer for Systems Engineers?

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody – Designer for Systems Engineers uses Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and Unified Modeling Language (UML)—all within a MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering) environment. It helps you adapt to changing customer requirements, improves productivity and reduces time-to-market with advanced validation and simulation features.

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Gain abstraction capabilities

Express specifications and design graphically. Improve communication across teams and across the supply chain by using industry standards and unambiguous notations.

Verify and validate

Get early and continuous proof of specification and testing of design through model-based simulation and analysis.

Provide traceability

Show how and why design decisions and trade-offs were made through the steps of requirements > specification > design > code.

How Rhapsody – Designer for Systems Engineers works
Simulation and model execution to validate system behavior

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody – Designer for Systems Engineers helps eliminate model defects by using animation features for design-level debugging. Debug design at a higher level of abstraction with animation support. You can also view highlighted active states in statecharts by injecting events, calling operations and stepping through the model. It facilitates trade study analysis and architectural trade-offs using the parametric constraint solver for SysML parametric diagrams.

Requirements analysis and traceability to simplify design

You can visualize complex requirements and maintain design consistency with SysML and UML modeling. The software enables you to store requirements in design elements and test cases, providing traceability information within the model. It supports full requirements traceability to and from the design, allowing you to view how a requirement change impacts the design. And it includes static model checking analysis, which helps improve model consistency and completeness.

Team collaboration to share and review designs

Rhapsody – Designer for Systems Engineers helps you manage the complexity of developing consistent designs across different environments by allowing you to share and review designs with the extended team. It integrates design and development functions into one cohesive environment and features an advanced model browser to quickly sort, organize and edit models. The software also includes graphical model comparisons and merging of model elements to enable teams to work in parallel.

Visual development to capture designs graphically

Using this software, you will be able to visualize complex requirements with UML, SysML AUTOSAR, Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time Embedded systems (MARTE) or DDS. IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody – Designer for Systems Engineers supports DSL for creating unique diagrams and diagram elements. It also improves design consistency with the static model-checking analysis.

Integration with other IBM ELM products

Rhapsody – Designer for Systems Engineers helps you integrate with other IBM ELM products: Requirements Management DOORS® Family, Workflow Management & Rhapsody – Architect for System Engineers. You can create artifacts for US Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), British Ministry of Defense Architectural Framework (MODAF) and Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF (UPDM). Develop graphical panels for visual mockups of a design using Rhapsody – Tools and Utilities Add On software.

Greater traceability helps facilitate compliance, eliminate defects and deliver quality products. Claude Provençal Program Manager SFM CMC Electronics