Requirements Quality Assistant now available on OpenShift

How do installation and product configuration work?

  • For Requirements Quality Assistant as a Service, IBM handles the installation for you. IBM provisions the service with an administration dashboard to manage your users and scoring. IBM provides and maintains the infrastructure and software necessary to support your subscription.
  • For Requirements Quality Assistant as a client managed solution, you’ll install on RedHat OpenShift Container Platform through an operator, which eases the install, setup, integration and maintenance of the application. 
  • See RQA Knowledge Center documentation to learn more.

How is user authentication managed?

  • For Requirements Quality Assistant as a Service, clients receive access to IBM AppID upon purchase. AppID will either work as an OpenID Connect provider based on a non-public LDAP or it can be integrated with a customer-based enterprise directory (SAML or LDAP).
  • For Requirements Quality Assistant as a client managed solution, authentication is managed by and based on authentication to DOORS Next. Any DOORS Next user can have access to Requirements Quality Assistant if they have the open social add-on.

Is the offering available on the cloud?

Requirements Quality Assistant is a part of Engineering Requirements Management tools that connects to the cloud with a local plugin. Integration occurs at the browser level. You're secure with cloud-based components using a security-rich data center with built-in high availability supporting infrastructure.

Which Watson component does the solution use? Does the service store the requirements data?

Requirements Quality Assistant uses the Watson natural language processing embedded library. As a stateless service, Watson will process but does not store requirements data. The data is only used to complete the transaction and analyze the requirement for quality against our trained model.