Requirements management in action

Feature spotlights

Leverage best practices using the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements

With Watson natural language processing, Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) offers 11 Quality Scores covering more than 80% of the INCOSE guide for quality improvements to requirements.

RQA catches the following issues: Unclear actors or users, compound requirements, negative requirements, escape clauses, missing units, missing tolerances, ambiguity, passive voice, incomplete requirements and unspecific quantities.

Learns over time to become smarter

By capturing feedback from the requirements engineer, the more RQA is used, the smarter it can become at detecting nuances and context.

Easy to integrate open social add-on

This add-on seamlessly integrates with DOORS and DOORS Next. This provides a unified solution within your Engineering Requirements Management process. Experience faster time to value with this add-on.

Increased productivity out of the box

Using the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements, RQA goes right to work on your requirements. RQA ensures your best work before it’s submitted for a review.

Customize to suit your needs

Work with IBM to get exactly what you want out of the solution. Want to add to the list of quality issues or train on your requirements? We have the tools and services to help you.

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