How can I find an IBM Business Partner to help with my DOORS Next implementation?

Visit the IBM Engineering Business Partner page for a view of reseller and technology Business Partners that can help with validated integrations to Jazz-based products and cloud partners that host the IBM Engineering solution.

Is IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next available in the cloud?

Yes, and by using this software in the cloud, you can reduce upfront capital costs and more easily scale up service with subscription-based services. It provides reliable and security-rich data center facilities that have built-in high availability, redundancy and failover supporting infrastructure.

How does installation and product configuration work?

IBM provisions the infrastructure for the service, including network, hardware and software that is necessary to support IBM software products. IBM subscribes each professional tier environment to IBM Cloud Data Encryption Services to ensure encryption of data at rest and in transit.

How do communication and project entitlements work in the cloud?

IBM Cloud offerings provide proactive client communications about application changes, planned maintenance and outages. In addition, project entitlements are unlimited, meaning there is no limitation on the number of users that can be supported in the cloud environment.

How is user authentication managed?

The client gets dedicated LDAP to administer users. Large and enterprise tier clients have the option to map their existing LDAP accounts to user logins for IBM solution tools by mapping the solution tool instances to the client’s localized LDAP server.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment solutions help you align your infrastructure investments with workload needs.