Improve requirements management with a scalable solution

IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next provides a scalable solution to optimize communication and collaboration among teams and stakeholders to maximize productivity and quality. It enables you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements while maintaining compliance to regulations and standards. With DOORS Next, you can improve the management of project scope and cost throughout your organization and supply chain. Because this software is available on premises and in the cloud, you can deploy as best fits your environment.

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Improve engineering efficiency

Write better requirements faster using Watson AI with the Requirements Quality Assistant add-on, which evaluates requirements quality and provides recommendations based on INCOSE Guidelines.

Benefits of IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

Improve product quality

Capture, trace and analyze requirements for complex products and systems. Take control of your project costs with change and configuration management built directly into the requirements tool.

Manage compliance

Manage traceability from requirements through testing, including engineering artifacts and software, across the entire product development lifecycle.

Reduce cost

Minimize risk and improve performance to help your teams reduce development costs, accelerate time to market and lower the cost of quality.

Accelerate time to value with SaaS

Use the cloud to get up and running quickly. Your team can focus on your business goals and technological innovation instead of maintenance.

Support requirements development in all domains

Drive software and systems engineering through the management of requirements in all forms of engineering domains, including systems engineering, agile, lean, SAFe®, continuous engineering and DevOps.

Explore IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next can also be used with other IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tools — including IBM Engineering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody and IBM Engineering Test Management — to seamlessly manage the entire development lifecycle of systems and software.

Features of IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

  • Use the right tool for effective requirements management
  • Gain transparency, minimize rework and increase reusability
  • Improve project agility through concurrent editing
  • Get up and running faster in the cloud
  • Increase the traceability and visibility of changes
  • Improve productivity by using version and variant management
  • Strengthen collaboration among multidisciplinary teams
  • Use AI to improve your requirements with Requirements Quality Assistant