Faster threat defense starts with 24x7 managed prevention, detection and response

Handling cyberthreats today requires a complete understanding of your environment; that's how you can detect the most minute anomalies.

Many organizations are unable to defend against these threats as they lack the cybersecurity skills of experienced security professionals to handle sophisticated and advanced threats.

Organizations that don’t have the required expertise often struggle to adequately reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and improve productivity because they’re managing too many security tools and alerts. Alert overload and time-consuming investigations lead to fatigued analysts, while the daily reality demands 24x7 coverage to investigate alerts.

IBM Security® ReaQta Essential MDR service delivers a 24x7 threat detection and fast response capability, fueled by threat intelligence. Our AI-powered automation and machine learning, coupled with human-led analysis, speeds threat response.

ReaQta Essential MDR delivers deep visibility and acts as an extension of your team by delivering operational transparency and collaboration to ensure threats are contained and remediated as soon as they’re detected—minimizing business risk while reducing damages and interruption of services.

The ReaQta Essential MDR service is managed and delivered by IBM Managed Security Services (MSS), a global network of trusted security experts.

At a glance

24x7 monitoring and response

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24x7 monitoring and response

  • 24x7 alert investigation, response and security incident reporting for endpoints
  • All alerts are handled by analysts, as well as enriched with a response recommendation
  • Centralized policy management per global policy set established by ReaQta and MSS

Fast, thorough remediation

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Fast, thorough remediation

  • Intrusion containment is done by automation and certified security professionals
  • Clients are notified only when it matters; false positive alerts are closed without client notification

Proactive threat hunting

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Proactive threat hunting

  • Enriched with threat intelligence, indicators of attack and compromise are continuously searched for
  • IBM analysts provide incident reports that contain relevant threat information, actionable insights and recommendations to tighten the current security posture

Seamless collaboration

security analysts working in security operations center

Seamless collaboration

  • The IBM team delivers deep visibility and acts as an extension of the client’s team by delivering operational transparency and collaboration
  • Clear incident management workflows eliminate any delay in threat investigation
  • Playbooks are tuned and aligned to client requirements

Key benefits

Full alert management

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All detections (low, medium, high severity) are investigated, analyzed and managed, without extra effort from the local security team.

Rapid threat containment

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Analysts will respond against active threats by way of termination and removal of malicious files or processes, creation of blocking policies or by isolating the endpoints.

Timely, actionable response

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Incidents that require attention will be reported and enriched with relevant threat information and recommendations to tighten security posture.

Proactive threat hunting

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Proactive threat hunting is powered by X-Force threat intelligence and done continuously by way of the ReaQta console, which searches for potential indicators of attack and compromise.

Lowered overall security costs

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Your security capabilities can be augmented without incurring the additional costs associated with hiring and retaining cybersecurity professionals.

Seamless extension of your team

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Extensive time and resources from security management can be reallocated toward other daily operations and important projects.

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