What is the latest version of IBM Rational Synergy?

IBM® Rational® Synergy V7.2.1 includes a cache server that improves performance for users who work in remote co-located teams by caching static objects. Synergy core server performance is improved by using local shared cache for clients in a specific subnet or by using prepopulated or copied cache.

How does V7.2.1 improve administration and platform currency?

It allows administrators to preview a transfer package before it is generated, and is available through the command line interface. It complies with new cryptographic standard sp800-131a and provides documentation updates for installation in a Windows-secure environment.

What usability and serviceability improvements are included in V7.2.1?

The splash screen dialog shows the progress bar, providing the stages of the startup activity. When experiencing problems, users can access documentation to help detect possible causes for the failure. Improved error messages help to diagnose issues in a predictable and consistent manner.

Does V7.2.1 integrate with other IBM software?

Yes, it integrates with IBM Rational Team Concert™ in a similar way that it integrates with IBM Rational Change. Users have a choice to use Rational Team Concert for its collaborative change management, planning, tracking, agile and dashboard capabilities.

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