What can IBM Rational Synergy do for my business?

IBM® Rational® Synergy is a task-based, software configuration management (SCM) solution that brings together global, distributed development teams on a unified platform. It provides capabilities that help software and systems development teams work and collaborate faster and easier. IBM Rational Synergy helps software delivery teams manage the complexity of global collaboration and boosts overall productivity.


Increase productivity

High-performance, wide area network (WAN) access allows distributed teams to carry out operations at local area network (LAN)-like speeds, reducing the overhead of having multiple servers.

Unify global, distributed teams

Software changes and tasks are synchronized in real time, so dispersed teams can collaborate in a cohesive fashion over the global delivery framework.

Manage artifacts on a single repository

The single SCM repository manages all artifacts related to software development, including source code, documents and the final software executables and libraries.

Reduce downtime

With fast backup performance for IBM databases, maintenance activities can be planned more efficiently to help achieve availability around the clock with overlapping time zones and agile practices.

Featured IBM Rational Synergy spotlights

  • Get advanced baseline and release management capabilities
  • Automate processes and tasks
  • Deliver a highly scalable platform
  • Support software reuse and component-based development

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