What is IBM® Rational® Synergy?

IBM Rational Synergy is a task-based software configuration management (SCM) solution that brings together global, distributed development teams on a unified platform. It provides capabilities that help software and systems development teams work and collaborate faster and easier. 


Features list

Key IBM Rational Synergy features

Advanced baseline and release management capabilities

IBM Rational Synergy helps plan, track and centrally administer multiple projects and releases across your organization.

Highly scalable platform

This software helps enforce governance, validate compliance, provide near real-time visibility, and reduce administrative overhead.

Automated processes and tasks

This software provides a common language to help users interact with the project and each other in a consistent manner.

Software reuse and component-based development

Rational Synergy helps accelerate development and reduce duplication of effort. The component repository allows software components to be uniquely identified and versioned for ease of reuse.

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