What Rational Programming Patterns can do for your business

IBM® Rational® Programming Patterns is a collaborative Integrated Development Environment part of the Jazz™ Collaborative Lifecycle Management solutions. It provides Pattern Driven Programming features for an enhanced coding experience combined with tools for impact analysis, quality control, and extensibility as well as procedures for automatic Pacbase applications secured migration.


Modernize development

Utilizes Pacbase MDD approach, providing new models for data, batch and transactional applications and generators, targeting IBM Z® systems and Jazz™-based repository services for Pacbase artifacts.

Improve collaboration

Provides a collaborative integrated development environment (IDE), enabling developers to maintain individual productivity while unifying development processes and tools with IBM Z systems and Java®.

Extend value

Enhances utilization of IBM Developer for z Systems® and IBM Rational Developer for AIX® and LINUX® through a dedicated COBOL source code editor with features that optimize tasks in COBOL source code.

Increase productivity

Includes impact analysis and multi-criteria search services for development artifacts stored in Rational Team Concert repositories.

Secured migration

Provides procedures for extracting projects or components from VisualAge Pacbase and importing them into Rational Team Concert.
Also enables transition from other 4GL through extensibility APIs.


Provides APIs to support new application or technical architectures, and a Software Development Kit (SDK) to target the developments in a specific language or for a particular operating environment.

IBM Rational Programming Patterns key features

  • Secured migration
  • Design features
  • COBOL source management
  • Extensibility
  • Integration with Rational Team Concert