Visual editing through screenshots

IBM Rational Functional Tester provides a visual storyboard format for representing test actions. Storyboard testing combines natural language test narrative with visual editing through application screenshots. That means novice and professional testers can communicate and understand test flow and edit test actions without reading or writing test script code.

Advanced ScriptAssure technology

With the advanced ScriptAssure technology, this software allows you to accommodate frequent user interface changes and avoid increases in maintenance overhead. ScriptAssure uses fuzzy matching algorithms to locate objects during test execution, even if the objects have changed since test creation. You can develop automation scripts that are associated with keywords. Keyword testing promotes script reuse and enables manual testers to use automation within manual test cycles.

Earlier data detection

Use IBM Rational Functional Tester to automatically detect data entered during test recording and prepare the test for data-driven testing. Using a spreadsheet-like data editor, you can create customized data sets to be used by the test during playback. This software manages validation of dynamic data with multiple verification points and support for regular expression pattern matching.

Test scripting

Choose between either Java or Visual Basic .NET; testers using Java can work in the Eclipse Java editor, and those using Visual Basic .NET can work in Visual Studio .NET. This software offers scripting to create, edit and execute tests on the Linux platform, including everything except a test recorder. On the Windows platform, the software provides all recording, editing and execution capabilities. It supports automated version control to maintain multiple test sets and to enable parallel development.

Integration with other software

IBM Rational Functional Tester provides IBM® Jazz® integration to support collaborative application lifecycle management. IBM Jazz Eclipse Client integration provides IBM Rational Functional Tester access to work items within IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational Quality Manager. Enhanced SCM integration with IBM Rational Team Concert supports the management and sharing of test assets.

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