Scalable deployment for the enterprise

IBM® Rational® ClearCase® deployments can support thousands of users, working at dozens of sites, managing terabytes of data. It provides the scalability you need, whether your team is a small workgroup at a single location or a highly-distributed team spanning multiple geographies. This software supports heterogeneous environments and cross-platform development on both distributed and mainframe systems, and allows you to develop using a wide choice of operating systems.

Flexible usage models for any development methodology

This software provides four types of views, or virtual workspaces. Dynamic views provide transparent access to element versions on the network. Snapshot views allow you to use local copies of element versions while disconnected, and synchronize changes when reconnected. Web views let you work from virtually anywhere, even disconnected. Automatic views combine the functionality of Dynamic and Web views for high-performance. You can mix and match views based on preferences and needs.

Security version management and IP protection

IBM Rational ClearCase provides a centralized repository where development assets are captured and versioned in a secure way. Access control helps ensure that only authorized individuals may access particular files or make changes. User authentication is performed through operating system authentication mechanisms or through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or smart cards. Role-based access control lists allow detailed reusable access control definitions across the organization.

Process control and traceability for compliance

This software helps streamline the edit-build-debug cycle and accurately reproduces software versions. It also provides the ability to automatically generate a detailed software bill of materials used to determine when built objects can be reused or shared by developers using multiple views. By detecting dependencies, reusing derived objects (built artifacts) wherever possible and producing detailed build audit trails, IBM Rational ClearCase helps ensure the reproducibility of software versions.

Improved time to value

IBM Rational ClearCase helps to prevent mistakes, reduce bugs and identify errors earlier in the delivery cycle to resolve them more quickly. It provides an open Change Management Integration API to support first-class integrations with change management tools. In addition to integrating with IBM Rational ClearQuest®, it also supports Atlassian Jira and IBM Rational Team Concert™. To automate the entire build and release management process, this software also integrates with IBM Build Forge®.

Flexible pricing and deployment

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With the new IBM Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment bundle, IBM delivers a new consumption model based on FlexPoints. FlexPoints can be purchased and allocated across the applications included in the bundle according to needs of the business.

Technical details

Software requirements

Always up-to-date system requirement reports can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

Hardware requirements

There are no hardware requirements for IBM Rational ClearCase.

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