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Discover unknown assets—on-premises or in cloud—and prioritize targets by thinking like an attacker with IBM Security® Randori Recon
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IBM Security® Randori Recon, an attack surface management (ASM) SaaS, provides shadow IT discovery through Discovery, risk-based prioritization, and proactive alerts.

The sprawl of shadow IT—unsanctioned software apps and hardware deployed without IT department oversight—is accelerating across corporate networks as more end users embrace new cloud services and remote work. According to The State of Attack Surface Management 2022 report, the average organization has 30% more exposed assets than its asset management programs have identified. Since the IT team is generally unaware of shadow IT, security risks posed by these unapproved assets go unaddressed.

ASM with Randori Recon helps you discover your shadow IT assets, on-premises or in the cloud, that could potentially allow attackers to bypass your firewall or other cybersecurity defenses. Randori Recon continuously monitors your attack surface for unexpected changes, blind spots, misconfigurations, and process failures. With insights from an adversarial perspective, this SaaS application helps you prioritize your shadow IT risks and make informed decisions to protect sensitive data and strengthen your security posture.

What you can do
Uncover previously unknown vulnerabilities Adversaries do not exploit an IP address, host name, or port—they attack the underlying internet-facing cloud apps. Randori Recon uncovers targets you may not have known about and prioritizes their risk based on potential impact. It helps you act on newly identified assets without additional research by showing you exactly how a particular asset was located on your perimeter.

Get alerted to unexpected changes Security admins need more than an annual view of your attack surface. Randori Recon continuously identifies IPv4, IPv6 and IoT assets by using active and passive discovery methods. By comparing the delta between newly discovered and previously known assets, it flags unsanctioned applications and hardware so you can secure them. As your perimeter changes, it alerts you on new, vulnerable and misconfigured assets.
We had no way of knowing which of our assets an attacker would target first until we worked with IBM Security Randori Recon. Eric McManis Director of IT Armellini Logistics Read how Armellini proactively reduces risks posed by shadow IT
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