IBM Security Randori Attack Targeted
Improve cyber resilience and demonstrate the ROI of existing security investments with continuous automated red teaming
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Extend attack surface management with continuous automated red teaming

One third of attackable, network assets are unmanaged or unknown—offering easy targets for attackers and risking unintended data exposure. The challenge of keeping this data safe is only growing as businesses quickly expand through acquisitions and make internal systems externally accessible on the cloud to remote workers. Adversaries are taking advantage of this heighted rate of change, decreasing their time to attack from months to days.

IBM Security® Randori Attack Targeted is a cloud-native SaaS offering that you can use to continuously test, validate and improve your security posture. Randori Attack Targeted is an add-on offering to IBM Security® Randori Recon that extends the benefits of attack surface management by adding objective-driven campaigns and after-action reporting. IBM establishes an ethical red team tailored to your objectives while top cybersecurity experts from diverse backgrounds help provide flexible and comprehensive security assessments.

Why Randori Forrester Consulting recently conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of IBM Security Randori. The 2023 IBM-commissioned study found several benefits, including: Read the Forrester TEI study 30%

30% reduction in time to triage exposures for remediation*


90% reduction in exposure analysis efforts*



Labor savings of up to 75% from augmented red team activities*


Benefits Clarify your cyber risk

Shift your organizational mindset from find-and-fix to resilience by testing your whole security program: people, processes and technologies.

Validate your security at scale

Outpace the rapid rate of change by using iterative and continuous validation that targets your security blind spots.

Extend your security expertise

Reduce resource constraints and amplify your team expertise with our Hacker Operations Center.

Key features
Risk-based prioritization Use the patent-pending algorithm to calculate adversarial temptation, business context and a common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS) severity to prioritize risk based on impact.

Automated runbooks Conduct red teaming at scale by mapping to authorized assets for validation. Tailor automated runbooks to target your desired organizational objective.

Remediation guidance Use in-product guidance and detailed write-ups of strategies to help reduce your overall exposure.

Monthly finding reports View the executive report produced by the Randori Hacker Operations Center to quickly understand findings and your current security posture.
Using Randori has helped me understand how much risk I am willing to accept. It has completely changed my mindset on how we should do security. John Shaffer CIO Greenhill & Co. Read how Greenhill continually strengthens its defenses against cyberattacks
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Learn how you can extend the benefits of attack surface management with continuous automated red teaming. Clarify your cyber risk, validate your security at scale, and extend your security expertise with comprehensive security assessments.

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The Total Economic ImpactTM of IBM Security Randori is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM, June 2023. Based on projected results of a composite organization modeled from 4 interviewed IBM customers. Actual results will vary based on client configurations and conditions and, therefore, generally expected results cannot be provided.