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Human resources

Illustration of interaction between technology and employee HR requests

Human resources

Scale HR support to answer employee inquiries 24/7, whether it’s regarding back-to-office guidelines or this year’s benefits enrollment. Connect to Workday and other systems to automate the most common HR tasks.

Information technology

Illustration of interaction between technology and employee IT issue resolution

Information technology

Bolster your Tier 0 support so your employees can easily answer their own IT-related questions. With Quick Scout scaling your IT support, your IT team can focus on higher, strategic priorities.



24/7 employee support

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The Quick Scout virtual assistant provides your employees with 24/7 support. It responds across web, Slack, Teams and other channels.

Automated tasks

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Quick Scout system integrations handle your most common employee tasks by creating a seamless experience with your back-end systems.

Prebuilt skills

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Prebuilt skills allow you to quickly and easily download, refine and deploy new skills without investing in development.

AI search

The AI search skill scans your intranet, knowledge base, and FAQ documents to quickly find answers to your employee inquiries without having to build anything.

Enterprise security

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Enterprise-grade security ensures employee privacy, data isolation and industry regulation compliance.

IBM Watson technology

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As the foundation of the Quick Scout virtual agent, Watson offers market-leading advanced conversational AI and natural language understanding.

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