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Take threat detection and response beyond the endpoint by combining cloud, email, network, user and data in a single correlated view to see and stop threats faster
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Extend threat detection and response beyond the endpoint

Security teams must extend their threat detection and response capabilities across thousands of endpoints, far-flung networks and multiple cloud providers. The average analyst is overwhelmed by the growing volume of alerts coming from multiple security tools; it's difficult to triage efficiently and effectively, which impedes detection and response to active, confirmed threats. Compounding this is a shortage of skills that forces security teams to work smarter to improve cyber resilience and safeguard operations.

Built on open standards, IBM Security® QRadar® XDR is a cloud-native solution that takes threat detection beyond the endpoint by integrating numerous external data sources and applying AI-powered alert triage and correlation to return clear and actionable recommendations fast. It adapts to your team's skills and needs, whether you're an analyst looking for streamlined visibility and automated investigations or an experienced threat hunter looking for advanced threat detection. QRadar XDR empowers analysts to investigate, respond to threats faster, and become more productive beyond the endpoints.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

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Benefits Open, integrated view of security data

Seamlessly integrate telemetry from existing cloud, SaaS, email, identity and other data security systems by using open standards. Combined with our unified analyst experience, create a single point of management for extended detection and response beyond the endpoint.

Correlated detection for rapid response

Quickly connect the dots where alerts from different detection sources are automatically correlated into a complete incident view. QRadar XDR automatically enriches alerts with threat intelligence and maps them to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, providing recommended response actions.


Intelligent prioritization

Know exactly which incidents to prioritize with AI-powered alert triage that automatically calculates severity scores. Reduce alert noise and save time with the smart correlation of many low-fidelity alerts from multiple detection sources into a few high-fidelity incidents.

Contextualized detection at the endpoint and beyond Remediate cyberthreats in near real time with intelligent automation and AI. By using automated alert management and attack visualization storyboards, QRadar XDR supports teams in the detection of highly sophisticated threat actors and enables autonomous incident response and rapid threat hunting. Gain full visibility into your infrastructure with NanoOS technology and query endpoints in real time.

AI-powered alert triage and correlation​ Reduce noise and know exactly which incident to prioritize. AI-powered alert triage enables fast investigation by automatically calculating severity scores for alerts and incidents. QRadar XDR can also correlate low-fidelity alerts from multiple detection sources into high-fidelity incidents—all from a single console.

Automated investigation and recommended response actions Automatically pull alerts and findings from different connected tools and data stores into a complete incident picture. Through powerful visualizations and alerts that are enriched with threat intelligence, analysts are equipped to take fast action with recommended response actions.

Fast and user-friendly threat hunting Proactively hunt for threats, with multiple options available. Run superfast, sub-second threats on alerts that are stored natively, or run intuitive federated data searches across IBM or third-party products and data sources. QRadar XDR provides threat hunters with detailed and actionable threat intelligence for granular searches in their environment.
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