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Screenshot showing security analytics dashboard in IBM Security QRadar software
Powerful dashboards and visualizations

Grasp what is happening at a glance with intuitive data visualization. Understand attacks more rapidly by seeing every step in a single view.

Interactive SecOps dashboards

Identify high risk at a glance and drill down to root cause with a click. Use OOTB (out of the box) SecOps dashboards, or see data in your customized way using a powerful widget library.

Grafana plug-in

Keep track of IT health and compliance posture with a wide range of community-contributed Grafana dashboards.

Attack visualization

Gain rapid insight into incidents with MITRE ATT&CK mapping and graphical views of attack steps to get an understanding of progression, lateral movement and impact.

Search and analytics

Speed up threat identification and investigation with KQL open source intuitive query language and search-based analytics.

Sub-second search speed

Use cutting-edge, column-oriented data warehouse engineered for lightning-fast searches of extensive data sets. Effortlessly construct queries using KQL, human-readable language specifically designed for search analytics.

Ingestionless investigation option

Search data where it lives. Use federated searches and STIX / TAXII standards to run queries on any data store across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Continuous search analytics

Identify threats swiftly with search intervals as frequent as 30 seconds, enabling near-real-time alerts for malicious activities and emerging threats.

Unified analyst experience

Gain unified capabilities, streamlined workflows and enhanced visibility across security operations.

Global threat risk prioritization

Prioritize risk automatically with AI-based scoring that applies security checks, threat intelligence and self-learning to identify high fidelity findings and reduce false positives.

Automatic incident investigation

Automatically correlate events and collect artifacts that are linked to an incident. Gain immediate insights into what, where, when, who and how it happened. Rapidly mitigate risks with recommended actions.


Universal federated search 

Centralize investigation by looking for threats in both ingested data and security data stored outside Log Insights with a single federated search query.

Threat hunter and threat intelligence

Proactively look for hidden threats and adversarial activities to shorten dwell time. Simplify hunting process with embedded expertise and threat intelligence.

User-friendly threat hunter

Easily run hunting steps with a visual builder and a library of commands with examples. Quickly skill up with Kestrel intuitive open source hunting language that integrates search, analytics and threat intelligence enrichment.

Integrated Case Management

Initiate a case from your hunts to manage threat lifecycle. Gather identified artifacts as evidence, define remediation tasks and monitor progress towards resolution.

“Am I affected?” IBM X-Force® built-in

Stay ahead of threats with IBM X-Force threat intelligence that autonomously monitors adversarial activities with continuously updated intelligence data. Rapidly assess the impact of zero-day with the 'Am I affected?' feature.

Flexible storage

Manage budget by selecting the most cost-effective storage for hot, warm and cold data.  Use archival option at a minimal cost for compliance-bound data with extended retention periods.

Resources Supercharge security operations

Learn how to unlock security analyst's productivity by helping them investigate and respond to cyberthreats faster.

Closing the breach window, from data to action

Accelerate threat detection and response by using AI-powered centralized log management and security observability.

Detect MOVEit transfer zero-day with Log Insights

Learn how to use IBM Security® QRadar® Log Insights capabilities to detect critical vulnerabilities such as MOVEit transfer.

Explore the interactive demo

Click through the QRadar Log Insights demo to see how you can investigate potential data exfiltration.

Don't let blind spots spook you

Hear how you can run efficient security operations with QRadar Log Insights.

Revealing the invisible

Hear how you can enhance threat investigation with advanced log management.

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