Key features of Power Systems LC921 and LC922

Superior compute and scaling capabilities

Delivering up to 44 cores, 1 TB of RAM and up to 120 TB of storage in 2U form factor, the LC922 design is optimized to crush big data workloads. POWER9 is also capable of providing twice more threads than its x86 alternatives.

Industry leadership in IO

LC922 offers the industry’s first general compute system containing PCIe 4.0 and CAPI 2.0 innovations. PCIe Gen4 delivers approximately twice the data bandwidth as compared to PCIe Gen3 interconnect found in x86 servers.

Exceptional performance for less

POWER9 delivers twice the price-performance over x86 alternatives for leading open source database deployments.

Ideal for data lake deployments

With up to 12 integrated large or small form factor drives and 6 PCIe Gen4 slots, LC922 can easily meet your storage-rich and high IO bandwidth application requirements.

Dense computing design

LC921 packs two POWER9 processors in an innovative 1U server design. Delivering up to 40 cores, 1 TB of RAM and up to 40 TB of storage in 1U form factor, the LC921 is ideal for dense compute, virtualization and container deployments requiring a balanced system design of throughput and density.

Next Gen PCIe leadership

LC921 offers ideal scaling capabilities leveraging PCIe Gen4 technology with Mellanox InfiniBand ConnectX-5 for dense computing deployments.

Superior data throughput

POWER9 delivers up to twice as many threads per core as the x86 design. Along with superior density, LC921 is ideal for virtualization, database and high performance computing deployments.

Data center efficiency

Achieve better data center efficiency with LC921. With industry-leading compute in a dense 1U form factor and two POWER9 processors, the server design allows you to easily meet the challenges of server sprawl in the AI era.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.