IBM Power Systems LC921 server front view

Industry-leading performance to crush big data workloads

The cognitive era is driving Linux® workloads that require superior data throughput and storage capacity needed to meet the challenges of the AI era. IBM® Power Systems™ LC921 and LC922 are purpose built to meet those requirements with a storage-rich server design that delivers industry-leading compute to analyze and explore data with the vast storage capacity to contain it. LC921 and LC922 enable faster access to data and scaling efficiency with POWER9™ advanced IO architecture, including PCI Express (PCIe) 4.0 to help companies gain new business insights and competitive advantages.


Deliver faster insights

Leverage POWER9 for industry-leading speed of insights, superior data throughput and vast storage repositories.

Drive efficiency

LC922 and LC921 are the industry’s first general purpose server designs with PCIe Gen 4 technology, simplifying scaling by delivering twice the aggregate bandwidth as compared to PCIe Gen3.

Tackle the growing data challenge

Deliver up to 120 TB of data storage with hybrid options including HDD, SSD and NVMe for rapid access to mission-critical data.

Contain data growth

With up to 44 cores and twice more threads than its x86 competitors, the dense server design makes the challenge of containing the ever-growing compute requirements easier.

Key features of Power Systems LC921 and LC922

  • Superior compute and scaling capabilities
  • Industry leadership in IO
  • Exceptional performance for less
  • Ideal for data lake deployments
  • Dense computing design
  • Next Gen PCIe leadership
  • Superior data throughput
  • Data center efficiency

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