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What IBM PL/I for VSE/ESA can do for your business

IBM® PL/I for VSE/ESA is designed to provide a compiler for a single programming language for scientific, engineering, commercial and systems programming tasks. To support these tasks, PL/I for VSE/ESA offers structured programming constructs, powerful exception-handling capabilities and dynamic storage management. It also supports extensive data types, arrays and structures—which can all be used in combination. PL/I for VSE/ESA delivers extensive input/output capabilities and a large number of built-in functions that can help improve programmer productivity.


Simplifies integration

PL/I for VSE/ESA provides the capability to integrate PL/I applications into Language Environment (LE) for z/VSE®. This integration lets you take advantage of features from both PL/I and LE for z/VSE.

Improves usability and productivity

Common function across supported Language Environment-conforming languages and platforms improves usability as well as programmer productivity.

Reduces costs

You can use the same source level debugger that is required for the other programming languages in the LE for z/VSE family. One debugger works with all three programming languages.

Key features of IBM PL/I for VSE/ESA

  • Supported by LE for z/VSE run-time environment
  • Support for LE for z/VSE interlanguage communication (ILC)
  • Dynamic loading of subprograms
  • Support for LE for z/VSE math routines
  • Virtual Storage Constraint Relief (VSCR)
  • Security and auditability