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Does IBM offer a PL/I compiler for Windows?

No, IBM no longer offers a PL/I compiler for Windows.

Getting started with this product

How to refer to assembler DS PL3 in a PL/I program?

PL3 is packed decimal, length 3 (bytes). That would correspond to fixed decimal(5), as a nibble of the 3 bytes is for the sign, and the remaining 5 nibbles for digits.

Can I link C and PL/I modules?

Yes, PL/I can call C/C++ routines. Learn more.


How can I submit a PL/I Case (former PMR) to the IBM support team?

You can submit a PL/I Case at the link below.

How do I stop the PL/I compiler from being invoked with IBM File Manager?

IBM File Manager contains a version of the PL/I compiler which is automatically invoked. There is a PTF available to fix the issue: