What PL/I for AIX can do for your business

IBM® PL/I for AIX® is a powerful development environment for building PL/I applications. With PL/I for AIX, you can use your existing PL/I code to upgrade your applications with the newest technologies. This compiler provides key enterprise modernization technologies and industry leading compilation and optimization technologies designed for AIX and Power Systems™.


Powerful development environment

Maximizes the development of applications executing on IBM Power Systems.

XML and Java interoperability

Incorporates modern web-based technologies, such as XML and Java®, into existing systems.

Debugging capabilities

Provides standard debugging tools for optimized code.

Application compatibility

Minimizes the risks of porting from other PL/I implementations.

Obtain world-class IBM support

Comes with superior IBM service and support.

IBM PL/I for AIX key features

  • Produces PL/I code that performs across all levels of AIX
  • Increased interoperability with Java and XML
  • Extended debugging capabilities
  • Improved application compatibility with PL/I for z/OS®