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Automate outlier detection and accelerate data analysis

Intito Vision - Outlier Detection* leverages IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson and IBM Watson Studio for data analysis. It automatically analyzes data and detects values that are too high, too low or missing for any given dataset. Automated analysis frees users of manual tasks, enabling them to act on insights. Models learn from data analysis to help businesses understand data and make informed decisions.

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Key features of Intito Vision - Outlier Detection
Efficient data exploration Automatically highlight and sort outliers in accordance with business impact. Easily view the underlying values and take action.

Improve business intelligence Eliminate errors by discovering unusual values and understanding patterns in data.
Benefits Request a demo now Increase efficiency       

Discover potential errors from large datasets with a single click. Organize outliers by impact on self-service dashboards.

Intelligent solution

Detect trends to flag values that don’t fit into historical patterns.

Dynamic solution architecture       

Alter detection parameters, sensitivity or outlier thresholds.

We are pursuing automation because we have good people. We want them to look to the future and not have to do some manual, tedious job if we can automate it. Vaasan Ltd
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