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IBM Planning Analytic's native Microsoft Excel add-in lets you use the functionality you're familiar with while taking advantage of a fast, easy, AI-infused financial planning and analysis software. 

Create financial profitability plans that go beyond the fiscal year, AI-enhanced financial forecasts, and insightful data visualizations. Achieve cohesion between income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow with FP&A software solutions.

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Thursday, May 23

#FinanceMaster: Is it time to let AI run your forecast?


Tune in to hear Anders Liu-Lindberg share how to AI-enable your forecast process. Ask your questions to the experts in this LinkedIn Live on 5/23.

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What you can do
Easy data crunching

Slice and dice massive historical and prospective balance sheets or financial statements in real-time from various sources, all in one place. Use your Excel skills alongside a user-friendly web-based interface, for a consistent and accurate picture of financial health and operational planning metrics. Uncover patterns, anomalies and constraints in your expense report.

Fast data visualization

Create scorecards and metrics, including ad-hoc financial reports and compelling visualizations in easy-to-use dashboards. Real-time updates and financial consolidations are carried out in a single, centralized and secured location for better tracking. Grant access to the same financial data for all stakeholders to inform business decisions.

Simple financial forecasts powered by AI

Use advanced financial modeling and driver-based forecasting to test your hypotheses and determine how your business strategy will be affected. Use embedded AI predictive forecasting to simplify decision-making and budgeting processes by producing variance analysis and precise time series forecasts.

Business partner solutions
Aramar Fast Financials A centralized, zero-code financial management, consolidation, reporting and FP&A analytics solution. Analysts can make data-driven decisions supported by scenario modeling, version control, rolling forecasts, and multiple currency reporting. View the solution

Poslovna inteligencija Planning for nonprofits Simplify business planning, budgeting, cost allocation and reporting with FP&A software for nonprofits. Finance teams get full control and clear financial overviews by streamlining planning cycles, flagging funding gaps, highlighting trends and creating ad-hoc reports. View the solution

ReportWORQ Automate the distribution of financial reports through email, Slack, Teams, Google Sheets and SharePoint. Weave multiple sources of data and share advanced reports in PDF, Excel or PowerPoint format as needed. View the solution
Why IBM Planning Analytics?  Powered by TM1 technology, get immediate visibility into real-time operational data within a collaborative, strategic planning process. FP&A teams can seize new opportunities by having a consistent view of workflows and automation processes. Read the solution brief Build on what you know

Easily integrate various data sources including existing ERP systems, CRM, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet-based planning, budgeting and forecasting tools.

Support better decision-making

Extend planning and analytics (xP&A) from FP&A to supply chain and beyond. Streamline performance management activities and create alignment between financial plans and corporate goals.

Plan proactively

Create continuous planning cycles and budgets with visibility beyond the fiscal year. Review financial forecasts as needed–monthly, daily or hourly–and respond quickly to change.

Product review
Case study
Industry: banking More time for higher-level analysis

ICBC Argentina automated and streamlined its financial planning, budgeting and reporting processes with AI-infused capabilities, allowing the bank to save valuable time. When it came to developing “what if” planning scenarios, the tool was able to reduce a two-day process into a matter of seconds.

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It’s much easier to get acceptance as you build a system, rather than when you release it,” he explains. “So we involve people in these projects and gain their acceptance all the way. Christoffer Zielfelt Group Business Controller, Länsförsäkringar AB Learn more about simplifying forecasting, increasing validity and building faster reports

Frequently asked questions

Flat files, such as spreadsheets, word docs, budgeting and forecasting applications, as well as ERP, CRM and any API can be integrated by IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

Depending on your company's demands and requirements, the installation procedure can take between 8 weeks to several months.

The engine, a multidimensional database with a cell-oriented layout similar to spreadsheets, is at the heart of IBM Planning Analytics. Its cells are linked to the underlying database via your formulas. All of Excel's data visualization and analysis capabilities are available in a centralized platform.

Where it’s used

Cross-industry use cases

Supply chain

Blend hierarchy advanced analytics and an unlimited sandbox of “what-if” scenario analysis into your supply chain processes. With the foresight to pivot quickly, you can turn disruptions into opportunities.


Use IBM Planning Analytics for sustainability planning, reporting, simulation and optimization at any granularity level—even calculate the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).


Track and analyze sales rep performance and sales capacity data in real-time. Use the power of AI to optimize effective sales processes, enhance productivity and reach revenue targets. Automate resource allocation and territory planning to get a competitive advantage and increase market share.

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