How IBM Phytel Transition can help your business

When patients leave the hospital or emergency department, the effectiveness of follow-up becomes crucial to their recovery, and to your bottom line. IBM® Phytel® Transition’s delivers automated proactive post-discharge assessments, alerts, notifications and reports—enabling close monitoring for high-risk patients, and prompt attention to all patients who require additional assistance.

Proactively manage patient populations

Improve HCAHPS scores, qualify for performance incentives, and enhance patient retention and acquisition.

Lower readmission rates

Avoid readmission penalties and reduce overall cost of care.

Increase productivity

Streamline care coordination and reduce administrative costs.

Identify at-risk patients

Decrease adverse events and expedite follow-up by care managers and primary careproviders.

IBM Phytel Transition key features

  • Identify risk fast, easy, and reliable
  • Take action to maximize the quality of your care
  • Track progress to effectively coordinate and manage
  • Automated post-discharge assessments

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