Feature spotlights

Identify risk fast, easy, and reliable

Detecting risk factors for each discharged patient — and addressing patient and family caregiver knowledge gaps — is expensive and time consuming, and can lead to costly and dangerous delays and oversights. IBM Phytel Transition’s customizable, automated assessments are faster, easier and more effective,
automatically alerting you to patients in need of follow-up care and interventions based on your configuration.

Track progress to effectively coordinate and manage

Detailed follow-up reports allow you to monitor care to date, arrange downstream appointments, direct new patients to associated primary care physicians and keep patients active in your health network.

Take action to maximize the quality of your care

Streamlined and continually updated reporting tools allow you to optimize patient communication and prioritize cases for followup care. From the day of discharge forward, IBM Phytel Transition enables rapid, proactive identification and handling of risk factors, optimizing the quality of care you deliver during the critical 72-hour post-discharge period.

Automated post-discharge assessments

IBM Phytel Transition starts contacting your patients as soon as 24 hours after they leave the hospital or emergency department. Guided
calls direct patients through a customizable assessment about their health status and evaluate their progress with discharge instructions. Dashboard-style reports — including easy-to-understand charts — give you at-a-glance tracking of call results for your patients, plus up to-date, detailed monitoring for each individual.

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