Feature spotlights

Identify care opportunities

The vast number and complexity of healthcare guidelines makes it impossible to successfully monitor patients’ status manually, or to conduct targeted outreach using conventional methods alone. To help you solve this problem, Phytel Outreach automates the entire process—leveraging technology to help users proactively identify patients who need recommended care, and initiate customizable notifications regarding visits, tests, procedures or other follow-up care.

Personalized messaging

Patient-friendly options allow you to create effective messages appropriate for your patient population. Features include voice, email or text modes, a natural language voice
that helps personalize calls, and a provider phone number display. Regularly generated reports detail patient response, offering summary views as well as specifics on the status
of each individual. Communications and reporting are customizable to match your workflow needs, and to reflect your core business strategies.

Connect with patients through automation

Working behind the scenes to automatically act on your customized communication settings and schedules, Phytel Outreach allows you to implement up-to-date, evidence-based protocols to help you identify and contact patients who require care—motivating them to stay connected and follow through with critical medical appointments.

Built-in protocols, automated notifications

Hundreds of continually updated, evidence-based protocols are available for you to link with your PMS data to identify gaps in care and the patients who need attention. You choose the protocols to implement, and specify outreach frequency and content. The available protocols can be applied across all primary care settings, specialties and ancillary services, enabling staff to address multiple gaps in care when patients contact you for follow-up.

Demonstrate results

Comprehensive summaries and reports provide detailed information about the progress of patient communications, allowing you to more easily track and document the success
of your outreach efforts.

Customer case studies

People in office staring at a computer screen

Getting more from your EHR

See how combining Phytel with Epic helped reduce no-show rates, boost patient visits, and attract new patients

People in an office meeting

Improving chronic care management

Discover how Phytel helped improve quality metrics related to diabetes care and save valuable time

Person in a suit looking at some papers

Helping drive telehealth visits

Learn how Phytel helped one accountable care organization participant engage patients during the pandemic

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