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Take advantage of the IBM business network with Peppol access to simplify your B2G(Government) and B2B electronic trade.

Connect once and trade everywhere with IBM Peppol


Peppol is an EDI standard for the exchange of electronic documents in B2G and B2B trade. Peppol offers standardized, interoperable messaging in the order-to-invoice flow.

IBM Peppol Access Point, part of IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS, enables seamless connectivity and document exchange with partners. B2B Integration SaaS provides a global, highly available, secure, resilient, B2B and B2G supply chain ecosystem. It automates transaction exchange to help reduce cost and increase return on investment.

Benefits of IBM Peppol Services
Connect once with B2B and B2G partners

Seamlessly exchange transactions through a single Peppol Access Point, globally, to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Enable automated, standardized trade

Help ensure continuity of trade and adherence to current local and international mandates and regulations

Scalable and reliable in the cloud

Leverage the cloud to deliver the demand-driven and trusted B2B Integration your business needs

Re-use electronic tools across partners

Use the same data maps across many trading partners, including internationally

Choose the Peppol You Need

IBM supports a variety of means of Peppol connectivity, enabling you to choose the right solution for your technical and commercial needs

Key features of Peppol Services
  • One provider, one network to connect with all partners
  • Connect to the Peppol service you need
  • Achieve frictionless connectivity across your supply chain
  • Improve operations and cut costs with managed services
  • Track, trace and analyze
  • Deliver B2G and B2B trade with Peppol standards
  • Peppol Directory for Touchless Onboarding
  • Help ensure compliance with e-invoicing
  • Modernize B2B in the cloud
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