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Managing drug shortages just got easier

Tired of evaluating and choosing drug alternatives only to find they aren’t available from your suppliers? Now you can help empower your hospital’s pharmacists with the insights necessary to quickly and efficiently evaluate drug alternatives.

OrbitalRX, now with IBM Micromedex®, is the all-in-one pharmacy solution combining pharmacy supply chain management capabilities with evidence-based drug content. OrbitalRX now brings together real-time inventory awareness and the power of clinical decision support to help hospitals manage drug shortages and identify alternatives. View the latest evidence-based treatment information, check your hospital’s current drug inventory status, provide purchasers with a consolidated view of drug availability and view the latest evidence-based treatment information – all within a single solution.

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Help improve clinical efficiency

Eliminate the manual work of running reports, analyzing data and transcribing into spreadsheets.

Make informed purchasing decisions

Evaluate drug information, clinical evidence and comparative efficacy alongside your hospital’s drug inventory, purchase history and utilization data.

Support delivery of better care

Inform treatment decisions with the latest evidence-based drug information to support optimal patient care.

Key features

Real-time shortage visibility

Gain full, real-time visibility of drug shortage data across your enterprise, with the ability to drill down to individual campuses.

All-in-one procurement center

Access a single, consolidated view of your procurement options, removing the need to interact with multiple vendors.

Centralized communications center

Improve communication and mitigation strategies, action follow-through and reporting to key stakeholders.

Full shortage management life-cycle administration

Encompass all data, steps and processes within one platform, eliminating the need to interface with multiple one-off applications and systems.

Help mitigate challenges that can impact patient safety

"Patient safety can be compromised by supply chain interruptions, limited drug access due to high medication costs and unforeseen events like COVID-19. OrbitalRX will now help pharmacy managers and buyers mitigate these workflow challenges by identifying drug alternatives from a clinical and supplier perspective.”

Adam Orsborn, PharmD MS, Co-founder and CEO, OrbitalRX

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Support identification of safe and effective alternatives

“As hospitals across the world experience shortages of life-saving therapies, there is an immediate, critical need for evidence-based information around clinical alternatives that are safe, effective and accessible for patients. By blending our trusted IBM Micromedex content and powerful insights from the OrbitalRX platform, providers and pharmacists will be able to streamline workflows and rapidly respond to drug shortages with appropriate, safe and effective alternative therapies.” 

Todd Nolen, General Manager, IBM Micromedex solutions, IBM Watson Health®

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